be careful

be careful ~ I listen to the new Cardi B song ‘be careful’  on repeat because the beats basically kill her counterparts… wait, who are her counterparts? … Taylor?… hahaha nope.. everyone sucks right now. Be Careful has a few old school references which made me think and then I realized of course duh … Lauryn Hill.. and the obvious TLC.  And … More be careful


So it’s now mid December and I’m in full – can I pull this off mode? The next couple of weeks are really stressful for most. Unless you finished all your shopping and wrapping in September then you’re in the same boat as everyone else. At least we can find comfort in knowing we’re not … More Hallelujah

manic monday

manic monday ~ Last week I was in Old Montreal for work. Old MTL is so gorgeous and artsy. I felt like I was transported back to my trip to Italy in 2013, or when I was an Au pair in Paris when I was 21…I’m not giving you the year… ok it was like 1992 or something. … More manic monday

lean back

lean back – Since my last post about my back pain a lot has happened. I’ve contemplated changing the name of this blog to one of the following titles as my latest health issues reflect them: Protruding disc in the City Slipped disc in the City Bulging disc in the City What do you think?! … More lean back