hard candy christmas

Did anyone watch the movie ‘Best Little Whore House in Texas’ growing up? I watched it multiple times with my best friend in her basement, who also lived right beside me. We watched a lot of movies together. My parents would never have allowed me to watch that till I was much older. Anyway, I recommend this classic. It’s actually where the song ‘I will always love you’ originated and was written and sung by Dolly Parton. Looking back it probably wasn’t appropriate for me to be watching it, but compared to what you can see on the internet today it was like Sesame Street.

I went swimming this morning and two things happened. First, from the post I wrote yesterday about my deep thoughts during my swim….I discovered that wearing dark goggles is a great way to avoid eye contact, and therefore minimizing small talk with strangers and my booger paranoia. Secondly, just to give you an idea of the clientele in the mornings – it’s either old people (whom I love) or women that don’t work. I call the ladies who don’t work ‘yummy mommies’ because they swim in the fast lane, are slim, and in great shape (whom I hate, no not really). Anyway, in the other half of the pool there is an aqua fit class at the same time as the lane swim. Today the cool down song was ‘let it go’….omg, really?!…with all the great slow songs in the world to choose the frozen theme song! I will NEVER take that stupid class if they continue to make my ears bleed…maybe I need to let it go.

Maybe I’m extra paranoid of my nose/fluid situation because when you lose your hair during chemo treatments, you lose it in most places including inside your nose. So basically you end up with spontaneous dripping, as if you had a cold. This was not listed in any of my reading material (huge binder) when I left my oncologists office. From the day you finish your treatments, and when slowly things start to heal, it’s a work in progress to get back to some semblance of your pre cancer self. I don’t think I’ll ever be the same. I could be better, who knows but I’ll be fine.


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