cool rider

Have you ever seen those rubber testicles that hang from the back of pick-up trucks and swing with velocity? If you haven’t you’ve missed out on life because it’s such a wonderful thing to witness, especially while driving with your small children. They come in a variety of colours – my favourite being flesh, very accurate. If my kids were to ask me what they were, I wouldn’t have known how to explain it until some people explained it to me…honestly, I searched my brain trying to figure out what they are supposed to symbolize. I really didn’t get it. So, after an intensive search (asking people on Facebook) I found out that it means this – the truck has big balls aka it can go anywhere and do anything. Strong. Great! Do you think in a couple of years when I get my ovaries taking out as part of my ongoing breast cancer treatments, I can hang them from the back of my 2007 VW Golf?!? I wonder how far I will get with those ovaries dangling back there…..probably just to Costco.

I’m one of those people that people feel comfortable talking with. Like if there is a crazy person on the bus they’ll usually sit beside me and start talking. Do I have one of those faces, or do I mistakenly make eye contact? Note to self: never make eye contact. Most likely both. I’m also a people watcher. People are fascinating to me on so many levels. One human trait I find particularly interesting is – demeanour. One time our team at work had organized a conference, and a noble prize winner was invited to give a scientific presentation (fyi..I didn’t understand a thing he said)…afterwards the team including myself got the chance to chat with him as he was leaving, and he was so down to earth. You know what he said to my gorgeous colleague…’has anyone ever told you that you look like Courtney Cox? I’ve seen her on a bunch of billboards in L.A. lately, and u look just like her’ …holy sh-t he was so cool. And not hitting on her, just being nice. I loved that…and not at all like I’m a big deal and you’re below me. Nope, totally humble. I’m so over people who think they’re better than others. People who don’t try to shove their accomplishments down your throat is rare, especially in this arena. The ones who are on the highest rung in their respective field, usually don’t have to be a–holes. I had another work dinner at this dingy pub downtown before an event with a fairly well know doctor. While we were having a general conversation I asked a question, I can’t remember what it was (I’m sure something dumb)…and he jokingly asked me if I knew who I was talking to, like ‘don’t you know who I am’. He was joking of course and being funny. I LOVE that. Poking fun at himself. Humour. Refreshing.

Anyway, I’m surprised people talk to me since I’m currently rocking the Jack Nicholson’s look from the shinning. Told you breast cancer is sexy.

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