mama said knock you out

A couple things happened this week, I went to the pool four mornings in a row to lane swim. I was able to listen to my underwater mp3 player for only three of those days. One night I had plugged it in to charge and then proceeded to shut down the computer (duh), so when I got to the change room and was dressed and ready to go – there was no power….crap. I contemplated going home but talked myself out of it. How sad is that? Internal tantrum. Blah. Ok so here’s the funny thing that happened…Pool Rage…oh ya, it was on. Let me explain, the hours of open lane swim are from 8am-3pm but at 9:30am they close off half of the pool for the geriatric aqua fit class. At 9:28am a nice man decided to make his way (as he does every day) over from the ‘leisure’ lane to the ‘fast lane’ that was in the process of being closed off for the class by the lifeguards. Well, one gentleman (rager) was still using this lane and got his ‘swim trunks in a knot’ and started telling off the unsuspecting man, and then he got out of the water and started freaking out on the lifeguards. Yikes!…pool rage is funny and so unnecessary, seriously. They had to calm him down…I think he was yelling ‘I came to this country to swim’. Ok sir you can go swim over theeeere….. hahahaha. Sidetracking, the rager holds flip flops in his hands for extra resistance while swimming – I think this is so cool and smart. I bet the lady gossip session in the change room after that class was riveting, too bad I missed it. So, I went for lunch with my mom today and I was telling her the story and she told me that she’s witnessed BOOK CLUB RAGE!!!!!!!!!!! OMG….what? book. club. rage. This made my day. I would imagine this only happening at a geriatric book club. While I was laughing hysterically she hit me with another thing I’d never heard of before and equally insane….. are you ready? Some people have to go to THERAPY due to book club membership gone awry. You really do learn something new every day.

Another wonderful thing I learnt about this week while listening to Q on CBC is the Youtube sensation AsapSCIENCE. These two guys have created really unique short videos that answer cool question like – does size really matter? what colour is the dress? childbirth vs getting kicked in the balls? I love it! And they just published a book…I want that book pronto! I highly recommend you watch a few videos for kicks.

Cancer is not a gift. Cancer is a thief. Cancer robs and beats you and leaves you battered, bruised, and bloodied. Cancer runs away with your pride, identity, quality of life, quality time with your family, hopes of the future, joyous moments, savoire faire, cognitive ability, energy, life as you know it, strength, appetite, appearance, patience, self-confidence, faith, finances, talents, proactivity and sometimes your life. If you are lucky enough to get through the dark minutes, days, months, years – Cancer becomes a frienemy. Someone that you hate but you HAVE to learn to accept and be cordial with, so that you can find a new kind of peace going forward… knowing that that frienemy is possibly lurking around the corner coming back for seconds, waiting to knock you out at anytime and anywhere…. I posted a couple pictures of myself on this blog to show you evidence of the crime. What do think? Agree or not…it’s my truth.


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