let me take a #selfie

My sister and brother in-law kindly invited me to a hockey game tonight. This is when I tell you – Jimmy cracked corn & I don’t care, in other words I’m not a sporting event type of person. I’m more of a concert goer (and saw Oprah once but I’ll tell you about that another time). Anyway, lots of ragers and drama that I didn’t expect…people where so mad at the referees that they tossed beer cans on the ice. Rebels. Or just drunk people, whatever, it was funny and our server who has worked there for 10 years told me that this never happens. Some of the staff were unsure how to handle the scene unfolding. I was loving every minute of it…it was fun.

On October 22, 2014 my home town of Ottawa, Canada was changed forever by a tragic event that took place at the National War Memorial and the Parliament of Canada. The city was paralyzed in fear for hours after a man who was representing ISIS, shot an innocent soldier standing guard at the National War Memorial and then he made his way to the FRONT door of the Parliament building, went in and was shot to death by Mr. Kevin Michael Vickers. The gunmen was thankfully a ‘lone wolf’. Sadly, our city has been changed forever. The day is still crystal clear in my mind. It felt like time had stopped. Frozen. I watched the day unfold as I sat on my couch flicking to all the news channels CBC, CTV, CNN…my eyeballs glued to the television, twitter, facebook…All of the schools in the city were in ‘lockdown’ mode, including my children’s. They even flew in Anderson Cooper to cover the event (Mr. Cooper had some drama with a local reporter who wanted a selfie with him – he told him no that it was not appropriate out of respect for the soldier who lost his life…then the local reporter dissed him on Twitter with video – Anderson responded and shut the idiot down). Anyway am sidetracking AGAIN.

Tonight Mr. Kevin Michael Vickers was honoured at the hockey game. I fell in love with him as did the rest of the world when the story of his bravery made its way to us. During the game I saw him in one of the private boxes as I was making my way back to my seat between periods. I stopped and called his name so I could tell him how amazing and brave he is. To my surprise he came out of the box. We chatted, we took a selfie, he came to meet my sister-in-law and I told him a bit about my crappy cancer….then I received this email in my inbox:


I think you are beautiful and much more courageous and brave than I.

Kevin Micheal.

What?…ok, I’ll except his encouraging message, although I don’t feel braver than anyone else.

Cancer is paralyzing. Using a gun you never had to use in the line of duty to save lives is paralyzing. Everyone can be brave in the face of darkness. As humans we rise to the challenges we’re faced with as best we can.

KMV selfieKMV



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