tango shoes

A very close friend of mine who is currently living in Jakarta, Indonesia (yes, I’m extremely jealous!) said she was proud of me for getting active and starting to swim. She added, ‘it is so regal’. My first thought was, hmmm regal, isn’t that a catalogue?! Yes, it is (or was) but that’s not what she meant. Regal by definition is;

  1. of or relating to a king; royal: the regal power;
  2. befitting or resembling a king;
  3. stately; splendid.

Ok cool, I was thinking, ya it is regal – especially #3 and very old school. I feel like my 12 year old self while graciously swimming back and forth trying to avoid knocking into people or poking them in the eye….hahahaha. I haven’t poked anyone yet but don’t worry there is plenty of time to do that. I did however knock into this innocent lady while doing the backstroke. I love the backstroke, and I need to do it to mix up my arm’s movements, but it’s blinding – you can’t see where you’re going. I usually wait until only one other person is in the lane or I’m alone, urg! I went swimming three times this week at another facility because mine was closed so that they can put up blinds. This is annoying because the windows are what make it wonderful. When I asked the front desk why they decided to install blinds, I was told that people complained of the sunlight, and of strangers being able to watch their children from the outside. Ok fine, the first one I get (kind of), but the second one is stupid since it’s a PUBLIC facility – anyone can walk through the front door and sit in a comfy lounge chair and watch pool activity from a see-through glass wall. Does this make sense? There is even a snack bar behind them if they get hungry. Whatever. I’m over it. After surgery, I won’t be able to go for at least two weeks. I’m already looking forward to getting back there because after visiting other places, this one is the cleanest, newest, emptiest, and has green tile (my favourite colour is green – army & olive, or any shade almost except mint – mint green makes me uncomfortable, even the ice cream!).

I’m making a ‘wish list’ on this blog starting with these Prada Flower High Vamp Pump, which I’m renaming my ‘tango shoes’. I plan on purchasing and wearing them one day. Do you love them?! One day I’m going to dance my ass off in these…hmmm….maybe at a underground club in NYC… come on a girl can dream.

tango shoes

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