mother mother

As I head into surgery tomorrow morning at 9:45am, I will be daydreaming that this itinerary belongs to me:

  • April 8-15: Fort Lauderdale, crossing the Atlantic Ocean to Horta, Azores
  • April 23–25: Barcelona
  • April 25-May 7: Barcelona Cruise Ship to Rome, Athens, Istanbul & Venice
  • May 7–11: Fiesso d’Artico, Italy
  • May 11-16: Nice, France
  • May 16-22: Cote d’Azur (Figanières, France)
  • May 22: boo hoo back to Ottawa, Canada

Yes, I know it is wishful thinking but I love throwing things out into the universe so that maybe one day this vacation will be a part of my life. This itinerary belongs to my beloved parents who worked their asses off all of their lives to enjoy retirement. Yay retirement! I hope they have a wonderful time and soak up all the beauty in the world. I’ll report back when I’m feeling better…but for now my fantasies include two things; a beach (in Italy), and if I die on the operating table (low chance, don’t worry) I hope Louie C.K. is the permanent headliner in heaven….


2 thoughts on “mother mother

  1. 3:40 pm Thinking of u. Preoccupied all day. We r sitting on high chairs at a bar on the beach. Papa is sipping soda water & I have a delicious piña colada. Boohoo. It is too hot to walk the beach. The breeze is beautiful.
    We hope the painkiller works. If not, ask for more or different. xox Mother Mother, trying not to feel guilty about being away.


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