girl keep ya head up

I want to thank Lainey Gossip for giving me a smutty shout-out yesterday. I’ve been following her blog for 8 years. She is a celebrity gossip genius, tv host on The Social, etalk correspondent, book reviewer and is an all around exceptional human being.

I know this because I also read her book ‘Listen to the Squawking Chicken: When Mother Knows Best, What’s a Daughter To Do? A Memoir (Sort Of)’. She gets life, works her ass off, and understands life’s good fortunes, which she was taught by her inspiring mother and father. Her mother did many child rearing things that a lot of judgy mothers would cringe at, but do you know what, I think her mom is right! Prepare your children for the sh*t that happens in life, coddling them too much and always praising them will not prepare them for the heartaches ahead. As we all know, life is not fair and bad things will happen, you will not always be the best, you will not always be no 1. Life doesn’t work that way, and if you happen to be a person that always gets the golden egg – then good for you but most people are more likely to struggle to get those things. Hard work, preparation, and always pushing yourself forward are what makes most people successful. Don’t get me wrong, I tell my children that I love them, and praise them when they’ve accomplished something, and give them compliments, and help in building self-confidence but I do NOT feed into grand delusions. I’m a realist. Life is full of highs and lows. Preparing your children for these moments is crucial, believe me I’ve already had to have hard conversations about ‘mommy being sick’. It was not easy but unavoidable. I made the decision from the moment I was diagnosed with cancer that I would hold my chin up high, be honest with my children, and show them that yes ‘it’ is hard, hard to watch their mom lose her hair (fyi..beautiful hair – that I f*cking miss more than anything), and all the other things that cancer patients go through – but that it IS also okay. I tried to show them I wasn’t afraid. I wore those stupid wigs and head pieces and drove them to school, went to sports activities and tried to carry on as best as I could. What a better lesson can you teach than tenacity? So when the good things happen. Great. Terrific. Goods things are happening – ENJOY. Children need to be taught about disappointment, loss, grief, etc. so that they have the tools in place to deal with them and push forward. This in turn will teach them how to succeed in all aspects of life, and to be aware and sensitive to other people’s misfortunes.

I also love Lainey because of her love of books. She gives great suggestions. One of my best girlfriends and I started a book list based on Lainey’s suggestions. The list keeps growing with some of our discoveries added in. Reading is one of my favourite activities. Reading is nourishing to my soul.

Am feeling better and better. I stopped taking dilaudid because the pain is getting better but also because I couldn’t drive and was getting cabin fever. There is only so much binge watching netflicks one can do… btw, have you watched Tina Fay’s new show ‘The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’? If you haven’t do it now, it’s sooo good.




5 thoughts on “girl keep ya head up

  1. My dearest Simone you are an inspiration to us all! Thank you so much for sharing your story. Looking forward to seeking you soon.


  2. I’m working part-time at a bra store here in Timmins. I cannot believe ALL the women who had mastectomies of some kind or other. I read your blogs so I can get some understanding and compassion for these dear women. It helps me so much. Thanks ❤


    1. I’m glad it is helpful in better understanding of various surgeries involved with breast cancer. I never understood it either before I went through it. I hope the blog will help others going through the same thing. xoxo Simone


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