Going to Costco at 9:30am when the opening hours on the website states its 10am is like a little miracle, and I felt blessed. Let me explain, this morning I was amongst 300 other eager beavers waiting outside for the employees to roll up the giant glass garage style front doors so we could all avoid the usual, anxiety provoking crowds. Yay me! and all you other smart people. Going at the pre-opening hour, I avoided stink eye, people leaving their carts in the middle of the aisle, bumper cart action, scattered food stations with 20 people standing around waiting for toasted mini pogo’s like it was their last supper, long line ups at the cash, and understandable parking lot rage. I’m getting more and more strategic every day. I bought beautiful flower baskets and I was out of there. seamless.

Just thought I’d post to let everyone know that it’s been 9 days since my emergency surgery and I feel ok…. Like a walk in the park eating a hot dog from a NYC vendor.

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