does your mother know

If you visit the Ottawa hospital regularly or have been to any of the four main hospitals you’ll be familiar with the parking machines where you insert your ticket and pay for parking. I feel like I’ve slipped my credit card in this machine so many times that we could be friends, maybe even go out sometime. Don’t laugh, I remember when people placed ads in the newspaper to meet a friend or potential romantic partner. When meeting on the internet was first introduced to the world, I thought – no way – this will never take off….and now it’s become common place. Now if people met the old fashion way, like at a party or a bar, it’s a rarity. So, I’m predicting that one day people will walk around with a robot friend…why not? Imagine if you could program the interaction between you and your partner, friend, whatever?! Isn’t there a robotic dog in existence?!

SO, the hospital parking machine talks and gives you instructions in a robotic voice ‘please insert your parking ticket with the stripe facing up’, ‘your payment is $14’, ‘please insert your credit card or cash’, ‘please take your ticket with you’, ‘press the button on the left to retrieve a receipt’. I’ve heard this voice so often I feel like we’ve become friends…or maybe not, don’t want to be sent to the psych ward. Ha. But sadly I’ve memorized these words verbatim. I could take my new friend to the best gem I discovered in Barrhaven (suburb of Ottawa), it’s a coffee shop called Café Cristal. I feel like I stepped into a café in Paris or a restaurant in NYC. It is the only place in Barrhaven that will serve gelato. awesome.

I started watching Schitt’s Creek on Netflix this weekend. OMG. I love it. So glad it was recently added to Netflix otherwise I don’t think I would have watched it on regular television because of my new self-imposed ‘no commercials’ rule. The show was created by Eugene and Daniel Levy. I met him once at a Lainey Gossip event which he co-hosted with her. He was delightful, and also the best dressed person there – and it’s a room filled with 800+ women! Look at his suit…

Talented Dan Levy at SMUT 2013
Talented Dan Levy at SMUT 2013

I’ve been asked by a few people who know someone that will be undergoing breast cancer surgery what they should get for them besides the usual, magazines, books, chocolate…etc. My answer is of course about the bra, it’s a must. But also a couple of things that I haven’t mentioned in the blog yet. One being, a wedge pillow. This is a pillow that resembles a super-sized version of those liquid foundation applicators from the 80s and 90s. Do you remember those? I purchased one at the Ottawa Hospital’s General Campus at a store called Canada Care Medical. Our health insurance companies did not cover it even though I had a prescription for it from the surgical oncologist. It was not cheap, I think I paid around $150. This pillow was recommended to me by a nurse at my pre-op appointment, she said she’d gotten one for her mother and it had helped her in the recovery process. After my surgery, I found it very helpful. I was able to sit upright, eat, and feed my binge watching addiction quite comfortably. Here is a picture of the pillow:

Medical wedge pillow
Medical wedge pillow
80s liquid foundation applicator
80s liquid foundation applicator

Secondly, and this charity does not only apply to breast cancer patients, it is for anyone diagnosed with any type of cancer (in Canada), it is called Victoria’s Quilts. You can email them and ask for a quilt to be delivered to the patient’s home at no cost. A women that I know who went through chemo not only lent me her wigs (Thanks Vanessa!) but also had a quilt sent to me. I brought it with me to all of my six chemo treatments just in case I got cold. When a good friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer, I had one sent to her in the Toronto area. Wonderful organisation.

Looking forward to returning to the pool for lane swimming. I’m also going to try yoga…oh boy…that should be interesting.

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