cheers (drink to that)

After the sweet innocent prayer that my daughter wrote that I posted yesterday, last nights events brought on a whole new adventure. My family and I decided to walk over to the new restaurant that opened down the street from us called Burgers and Shakes (omg, there was a line up out the door). I will warn you this post contains profanity (funny profanity!). So as we were walking down the newly paved sidewalk we notice a few imprints in the cement. Someone had placed their hands and feet to immortalize themselves. A few steps afterward had another genre of sidewalk art. Here is what we read:

‘Sadi’ – ok not bad

‘TMZ’ – yes, I’m down with TMZ (sadly)

‘EAT A DICK’ – inside voice – Simone, try to keep a straight face – DON’T LAUGH

Yup. You read that right. I hadn’t noticed that one because the writing wasn’t as clear as the first two. My daughter came running over to me:

‘Mommy, mommy why would they write that?’

Me: try not to laugh, poker face in full effect

‘Honey it was probably some teenagers, just ignore it’

And here is the proof:

Colourful sidewalk art
Colourful sidewalk art

It’s moments like this that I just say:


I went to the General Hospital yesterday to pick up a letter from the medical records office and on my way in guess who I ran into?! My instructor from ‘Chemotherapy and You’ walking arm in arm with his lovely wife. What? Omg! I said ‘hi, I remember you, I took your class last January and I was the only (A+ student) in that class, thank you – you were awesome’. Him ‘oh yes, I remember, who are you doing’, ‘I’m doing great, thanks, I just blogged about your class, thank you for that’. Him ‘So glad you’re ok’. Not sure if he knows what a blog is. I’m guessing he sort of does like most people.

Does anyone think it’s weird that I ran into him? I mean, of all the thousands of people who enter and exit through the revolving doors of the cancer unit, especially the General campus – to see HIM. Coincident? I think not. Call me crazy, I don’t care…I think it’s fate, laws of attraction had prevailed, whatever…our paths crossed again and I’m grateful  that I was able to say thank you. Weird.

Thank god it’s Friday ~

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