The other day I was issued a parking ticket in front of my kid’s school. I received this ticket because I was parked in a school bus loading zone. The City of Ottawa marks the infraction as ‘STOP IN A SCHOOL BUS LOADING ZONE’. The annoying part of this is that by law, I think it’s the Ministry of Ontario, if we drop our kids off after the last school bell has rung we have to go inside the school to sign them in. This is fine except we need to park at the schools front doors in order to do this. By the time we (myself and other parents) go in it’s after all the school buses have left for the morning. The principle of the school was prudent enough to come out and speak with the by-law officer who gave us the tickets and explain to him that we were simply following the school’s rules and therefore we should not be ticketed. She called the city to have the tickets reversed and later supplied us with a letter to bring to the City’s court office. Great except they didn’t reverse it and only offered to reduce it by 50% or I could refuse this offer and go to court and plead my case in front of a judge. I chose to fight it based on principle and because the signs are not clear. Hundreds of cars park in front of the school all year long, so they need to specify on the sign designated times of no parking/stopping. I feel like a criminal. Anyway, as I was sitting waiting for my number to be called at the court house there was all kinds of drama to be witnessed. People are pissed when they line up, and once they reach the teller their ready for a fight. I know this is not the best approach, you have to state your case at a later date. I can’t imagine working as the front line person dealing with all the crazies all day. I get it though, it’s extremely frustrating especially when you genuinely feel like you didn’t break any laws. Happy Friday!!

No cancer talk today. I’m tired of cancer talk. I will tell you that I am enjoying Yin yoga. It’s super mellow but at the same time difficult to hold a pose for 5 minutes. It’s gentle enough which is important since my left arm still lacks full range of motion. I believe the stretching will help in the healing process, and slowly build my strength up to what it once was. I used to lift fairly heavy weights. I love and miss strength training. That’s where I excel the most in an exercise regime. Baby steps.

What ever happened to Fiona Apple?! I happened to find her Tidal cd this morning and played it for my kids in the car on the way to their friends place. It’s so good. She’s a ‘triple threat’ – outstanding voice, plays instruments, and writes her own songs.  Speaking of triple treats, I’ve got tickets to Taylor Swift who’s coming to Ottawa on July 6th. My daughter is so excited and I can’t wait she’ll be amazing. Taylor seems to be taking over the world right now.

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