my humps

Can someone please explain to me the latest girlfriend’s night out trend? I think it’s called paint nights? Is it the new age version of a book club? I wonder if there is paint night rage with the inevitable ‘paint night’ therapy to follow sometime down the line. Can you sip wine or do tequila shots, then chow down on appetizers? If this is all true – I’m in! How cool is that? What are people painting? Landscapes, flowers, a wine bottle with glasses, nude models?!? I am really curious about this new phenomenon…budding yummy mummies aka Emily Carr’s in the making.

I think painting is very therapeutic not unlike writing and other artistic endeavours. One of my mom’s close friends won the #1 women’s book club in Canada. If my memory serves me correctly they were quoted in the newspaper saying they started this club because as mothers you’re pretty much homebound for a long time. Having great books to read is a way of escaping the everyday monotony of motherhood, and traveling the world or living vicariously through another person. I agree with that notion, and maybe that’s why since having my second child I have become a ferocious reader. I joined a book club this winter with some cool Barrhaven women, and so far so good. No one has screamed at each other…yet… Our first book was called Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. It’s a thriller, an easy read, with a good ending. Don’t get me started about Gone Girl….I couldn’t put that book down, and when it was over I wanted to throw it against the wall or burn it. Worst. Ending. Ever. It’s like the author fell asleep while writing the ending…sorry Gillian Flynn – but seriously??!! And then they went and made a crappier movie…booo…money grab! Gillian Flynn wrote a better book called Dark Places, which is in my opinion way, way better. I’m looking forward to the movie version, it has to be better than GG.

Now I’m reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed. I’m enjoying it except her mother dies at 45 of lung cancer at the beginning of the book, so that’s a downer…but I LOVE true stories bad or good just like blogs about cancer. I read Amy Poehler’s memoir called YES PLEASE. She touched on many great things, including motherhood, working HARD in the entertainment biz to get where she is today, being a divorced single mother, dating as a divorced single mother, life, hanging out with really cool people, feeling like an imposter while receiving prestigious awards, hosting the Golden Globes, being Tina Fay’s bff… Two things that stuck out to me the most was, and I quote ‘talking about the thing is not the thing, doing the thing is the thing’ and also her believing in time travel. Time travel is possible in the mind. For example, if you smell a familiar smell or hear a certain song you can be transported back to that moment in time. Like a slow dance you had in high school or your first love, first kiss, first anything really can be remembered.

Anyway, Amy’s belief of ‘talking about the thing is not the thing, doing the thing is the thing’. She’s soooooo bang on, don’t you think?. I love her. I will incorporated this epiphany into my daily routine and shut up about it.

Now for a song to get me motivated and do the thing…

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