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Since I’ve started to write this blog a few people have said to me ‘Simone, I can hear your voice in my head as I’m reading the blog’. The one entry I get the most comments about is called ‘human nature’, where I describe the always annoying snot – pool – situation, people will say ‘I always feel like I might have a booger too when I’m swimming….hahaha’. I guess it hit a cord because it’s so true and I would say humbling as well. I wrote that one a few months ago when I began to lane swim and before my first implant switch surgery. My goal at the time was to get my body implant ready. I wanted to be and/or feel like I was on my way to getting in shape, and further away from the dark days of last year. I bought underwater headphones and was heading in the right direction, then two surgeries happened which put a dent in my plan. I’ll get back on track.

I had finished my first round of chemo (poison) and was recovering well in January 2014. Well enough to hit the gym a week later and start my ‘couch to 5K’ app before my second treatment in February. Basically, I would be doing walking and running in intervals. I can only do this while listening to loud music, of course. It wasn’t so bad. Once I got the hang of what stupid hair piece to wear on my head I became comfortable. I would have loved to do a strength training class, but couldn’t because of my PICC line (temporary needle in your arm for the poison). I was given the ok to do light weights but when I tried I could feel the needle shifting around and that made me nauseous and worried that I would damage the vein or cause myself to have an infection. Infection is the enemy especially when doing chemo. Speaking of the PICC line, I’m not sure if I mentioned this before but you CANNOT submerge your arm in water for as long as you have the line in your arm, for me that was about 6 months. It was one of the warnings from the nurse at chemo school. She said before you get the line inserted, you should have a long bath or go into a hot tub because it’ll be the last time you bathe easily for a while. Ummm, ok, I’ll do that…sigh. True. I had to wear a plastic cover every day in the shower. I got creative because I was given only a few covers from the clinic when I had had it inserted but afterwards you’re on your own….as suggested by a another nurse, I used plastic bread bags with loose elastics on each end and that worked really well. Oh the joys of cancer.

While I was hitting the gym I occasionally would watch TV. One morning I caught and interview with Fran Drescher on Kelly and Michael. It caught my eye because my nine year old daughter at the time was binge watching the 90s hit TV show called The Nanny on Netflix (I know…the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!). Fran D was on the talk show promoting her NYC Broadway debut in Cinderella for a 10 week engagement. Say what!?! Hmmmm….what to do? This planted a seed in my brain, thinking I could perhaps take my daughter to NYC to see the show as a surprise. Why not, I thought. I can do this. It worked well with my chemo schedule. I would be feeling ok after the second treatment. And I was – so we went for the weekend of March 21st. I can honestly say that I chose to do a mother and daughter weekend because I was worried I would die and not get the chance to ever again. That worry is always with me. I don’t worry about turning 50 or my pension, I just worry that I’ll make it to these milestones to fret about them then. I want to be old and gray. A mom said to me today ‘I’m sad my daughter is graduating high school’, ‘it’s hard for me’. I totally get that. They grow up to fast, but at least she gets to see that day. I may not. I bite my tongue and try not to cry. I was feeling extra raw and emotional, I guess.

We had a great time in NYC together. Her favourite place was Central Park and the American Girl store. No matter what the future holds, I hope she has fond memories of that trip. Here is a picture of Eva and Carly Rae Jepsen who played the character of Cinderella in the show and a few other of our trip.

Eva and Carly Rae Jepsen after the show
Eva and Carly Rae Jepsen after the show
Central Park - March 2014
Central Park – March 2014
Loving the park
Loving the park
Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland
Broadway Street
Broadway Street

Fran Drescher wouldn’t come over because she was in a hurry… oh well, whatever we got to see her wave from a few feet away…

Fran Drescher and Carly Rae Jepsen
Fran Drescher and Carly Rae Jepsen after the Cinderella show on Broadway

Call me maybe video had been watched 694,736,844 times on youtube. Can you believe that? Imagine if she reaches a billion views. It’ll be hard for her to top that.

On another note, I wrote last week about my criminal behaviour and low and behold I’m not the only one. I guess the City of Ottawa have found a money making street for dangerous offenders, and have decided to keep a watchful eye and prosecute these people on a daily basis. I guess catching rapists, child molesters, and domestic abusers in our city have been put on the back burner. I would imagine it’s not as profitable for them:

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