Fresh out of my Taylor Swift blue cotton candy concert bubble I have some thoughts. She’s gooood. She’s on time. She didn’t pull off that unacceptable diva tardiness which concert goers have become accustom to, she came on stage at 8:30 and performed for over 2 hours. She’s extra extra sweet with a cherry on top. Everyone in the audience got a bracelet that was taped to their seat, it automatically lit up to the songs. She’s perfected the model cat walk strut most likely learnt from a member of her self-proclaimed girlfriend ‘SQUAD’. There was complimentary filled pre-recorded videos of the squad talking about Taylor during her outfit changes. She has profound, important messages for her ‘friends’ aka fans-you’re important, I love you, you matter, you are not defined by a mean comment someone writes about you in a post, we’re all here for the love of music, you are not defined by your mistakes, you are better for the mistakes you’ve made, true friends who like you and want to spend time with you are important, she has bad days too, just because you aren’t where you want to be today doesn’t mean you’re not on your way there, get rid of the people who treat you badly, she loves love, she loves NYC, she loves cats, she loves baking, she loves cute outfits, she’s been telling us her life story through her songs for the last ten years-and that’s only what I can remember this morning…. Oh ya and she internet stalks her fans.

I sat beside this girl who had won the 105.3 Kiss FM cat selfie picture contest, she and a friend had just met Taylor backstage. They described her as genuinely nice, tall, and down to earth. They weren’t shooed away quickly by her bodyguards. She talked to them for a while and they said that she probably would’ve talked longer but they were so star struck that they didn’t know what else to say to her. Don’t you love that? They would have had to ask me to leave…hahahaha….She actually met with about 100 fans before the show. Not all together but individually! That is exceptional in this day and age. According to Madonna’s brother Christopher Ciccone, who wrote a tell all book, she NEVER meets with fans. She avoids them like the plague. I know these people don’t have to go that extra mile, but I think the Taylor’s of the world are smart. It’s also a great business move. Make people feel like they’re your best friend=$$$. But I do feel that she is genuine, it was a little scripted but the messages where great and her positivity is oozing out of her pores and it’s infectious. I’m down with ‘Taylor Nation’ all the way. One more thing about her – I would love to know what brand of lipstick she wears?!

Taylor nation
Taylor nation

Two other notable things happened last night. I was carded when I purchased a beer. I said to the nice canteen lady ‘thank you, you just made my night’

**seriously though no matter how bad the next 3 hours where going to be (which they weren’t), at 42 if you get asked for ID it’s like you won the genetic lottery

It got better from there, she said ‘sorry, we have to ask anyone that looks up to the age of 30’…….omg what!?!

Me: ‘oh is that right, well that is even better, here’s my licence’

Canteen lady: looks at my licence and says ‘I would never have guessed that’

Me: no words, just euphoria

Lastly, I discovered that dry ice/liquid nitrogen perhaps isn’t as unique as I thought in the culinary world. Here is my daughter’s dessert being brought to our table at Moxie’s:

Dessert INSANITY at Moxie's
Dessert INSANITY at Moxie’s

You know what’s funny? I think when people search for ‘sexy blogger’ and end up on my site. They must be so disappointed when they discover I’m a cancer lady…hahahaha…it’s too funny. I’m really winging it as far as this blog is concerned. For example, I could use what they call ‘tags’ for certain subjects so that if someone is googling a specific term like ‘breast cancer’ my website would pop up, but I’ve tried to add tags and I can’t figure it out. Basically, people use tags to increase traffic to their site. I know it’s probably super easy, but to me it’s a challenge. Like most things really, things don’t come easily for me. I have to work hard. It takes a while for me to learn something new, but once I get it, I’m good. The positive side of this is that I’m very curious by nature so I want to learn, and this helps me in staying focused and getting things accomplished. I guess some people have to work harder than others, and that’s just the way it is.

I was writing about comments I’ve received from people about which entry they can relate to most, or that they can hear my voice as their reading. Another comment I’ve been meaning to tell you is that some people feel like they reading something private or that they shouldn’t be reading or sharing without my permission. To let everyone know…I love that your reading this blog – it’s public, so share away, comment or send me an email – I LOVE it! I would never put something I wasn’t comfortable with on here. To know that someone out there is enjoying or is benefiting at all from my blog is enough. Life is such an up and down rollercoaster for me and this blog feels – believe or not like my sane place. Is writing cathartic? Maybe. Writing has many benefits as does telling stories. My story is about #sexybreastcancer, being the wife of a cancer survivor, a mom with two incredible kids, a daydreamer, an observer of funny things in life, a traveller, a music lover, a people lover, a foodie (hate that word), a clumsy swimmer, a blah blah blah-er….and so on. It’s a leap of faith and sometimes I feel out here on my own. To all who have given me positive feedback, I’m eternally grateful and my heart is warmer and I love you all.

I have big week coming up. I will be meeting with a gynecologist to discuss the possibility of removing my ovaries. If I get the green light from him it’ll be surgery #3 for 2015.

I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 22…

4 thoughts on “22

  1. Hope your consult goes well! Fingers crossed and sending you positive vibes! Xoxo
    And you so look 30 😉


    1. Another great and interesting blog. I love that you got carded, beautiful babe! I really like Taylor Swift too, well I like her music, but it is good to hear that she is such a lovely person. Oh, it must be Mary Kay lipstick that she wears, cuz it’s the best!


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