I haven’t been here in a while. I’m in summer mode. The kids are off from school and we’ve turned into professional loungers. I’m okay with that until the ‘I’m boored’ starts, or ‘nooo I don’t want to go there’. It’s been a transition of sorts in comparison to previous years where I could just throw them in the car and take off, to the present where they are older and are happier to stay at home and play with their friends, go to the park, go to the corner store, play on their ipads and complain. Gone are the days of museums, kiddie pools, and being excited for the experimental farm.

My son just made a football team for 8-10 year olds. He already plays hockey so it should be interesting to see how the schedules collide as the Fall rolls around. Sunday was his first mini tournament where they played four half an hour games. They won three and tied the last. I’m happy he’s really liking it, I’m just not sure how I feel about it yet… to me the game is bizarre. I’ve never watched it and don’t know any of the rules. Although I still don’t know soccer or hockey rules well either. It doesn’t matter, what matters is that the kids are having fun and learning new skills. And most importantly, he doesn’t have to be dragged there – it’s his choice, otherwise we wouldn’t take him.

What’s new with me?!? Like I said not much…just gearing up to get ready for – don’t get mad at me as  I say the ‘s’ word – SCHOOL! The thing is my kids will start school 8 days after my surgery (oophorectomy), so I have to get organized in the next 12 days in case I’m not feeling well or have some sort of complications…god forbid, I’ve had enough already. I swear I’m not an ‘A’ type, I only want to avoid 11pm runs to the stores to buy backpacks and all the other crap on the list.

I’ve joined a Facebook group called RYWN – Rethink Young Women’s Network. This group is organized by RETHINK breast cancer, a fairly new organization geared towards the unique needs of young women who are diagnosed with breast cancer. I love this FB group. It makes me feel not so alone. The thing I hate about it is that there are so many women with young children and families to take care of that it frightens me and makes me sad. But, the upside is they have an excellent way to communicate and support each other in short posts – asking questions, sharing fears, introducing ourselves, giving tips. For example, someone tonight just posted a picture of a Gelcool Pillow. She wrote that it helps with her night sweats. I don’t have night sweats, but since I’ll be thrown into menopause soon I might need this and would never have known it existed. So smart.

Well that is all for now….blah

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