If cancer doesn’t kill me, my muffin top or my red wine consumption will. That’s why I’m starting the beach body thing this week. I’m eagerly awaiting my workout dvd’s and different sized coloured Tupperware to monitor portion sizes. I’ll be venturing out this weekend to buy light and heavy weights. The tapes (grew up in the 80’s…ok!) are 30 minutes each. So the time commitment is minimal in comparison to going to the gym. What I anticipate being a pain in the ass but necessary for success is the ‘meal planning’. Lots of coloured dots and Sunday meal prepping for the week in my immediate future….I’ll keep you updated!!

My life is ramping up since I returned to work this month. I’m on a gradual integration back in, which is lifesaving – literally. No cancer patient should have to dive into a full time schedule. I understand that some people don’t have a choice, and sometimes sadly have to work through treatment because financially they have no choice. This is why I count my blessings daily. I have a job that supports a healthy re-entry and great working environment. What more could I ask for? Ok I ask for a clear non chemo brain…it’s getting better though..

This weekend in my house, can you guess what is being binged watched on Netflix?…..drum roll….”Fuller House”…Yay for me….

Have a great weekend!!




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