say it ain’t so

say it ain’t so

Picture this – me arriving home from work this afternoon trying with great difficulty to lock my car doors while holding a bucket of KFC along with the new weights I purchased at Walmart. I could barely carry the 5 and 10 pounds weights to my car when I left the store never mind adding the KFC bucket to the mix. Urg! I’m sure if one of my neighbours was peering out the window they’d have a great laugh at my clumsiness.

Anyway…why did I purchase weights? Well its part of the 21 day fix program that I’m starting. The instructions for the dvd’s said I need a mat and weights. I was supposed to start last Monday but it had been delayed because my package hadn’t arrived. Now that it came, I have my Tupperware, shakeoloy (powder), dvd’s, weights and mat so I’m all set. Check out the yellow Tupperware for my wine portion of the week…this is a tragedy….booooooo


What’s new in my cancer world…well…I’m onto my 3rd medical (chemo) oncologist. I haven’t met him yet but I have an appointment set for August 25th. My first oncologist was a sweet old man who retired. He was the one that saw me at my worst. He was also the one who encouraged me to exercise between chemo treatments. He had a strong belief in the health benefits from working out whenever you felt you could, which would increase your energy but mostly help with the shitty side effects from the poison. When he told me he was retiring I was devastated. He was my rock, my beacon of light so to say. I was comfortable with him, he had a unique and gentle way about him.

So on to the next. By the time I met my second oncologist I was ‘out of the woods’, its routine follow-up at this point. He was younger and nice but just and I was easing my way into a doctor/patient comfort zone he tells me a few weeks ago he’s moving to another city….oh please say it ain’t so…

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