ice ice baby

ice ice baby

My daughter said to me the other day ‘Mom my leg wrists are hurting’ and I was like ok ‘what does that mean’, she said ‘you know the wrist down at the bottom of your legs?’ – ‘do you mean your ankles honey?…’yes! that’s it, that’s what they’re called’….hahaha…omg too funny! Then my son was going to a birthday party at the movies and he said something cute ‘I’m going to drink Fruitopia while watching Zootopia’..maybe he saw a commercial or something…maybe this is a thing kids are saying…who knows it’s too cute though.

I have yet to make baby books for my kids. I didn’t record all of the cute, funny things they said. I wish I had but I’m not a Martha Steward type or Suzy homemaker crafty scrap booking type of person….I envy those people. I did however take a lot of pictures. I’m not sure about you but as great as the digital age moves forward I really miss the old school way – running to the drugstore with a camera roll to have them developed – the anticipation how they will turn out…excited for the negatives that you can use in future to make duplicates. I’m so old that I remember we used to have to wait ONE week before we could pick them up! Oh the good old days….anyway as I’ve mentioned before procrastination sometimes gets the better of me or I’m overwhelmed by the 3000 pictures stored on my hard drive.

The upside, or so I thought, of being home sick was that I would start scrapbooking and organizing photos, take advantage of down time when the kids were at school. So I dragged my butt to Michaels purchased some scrap books with all the stuff that goes with it. Got home got everything organized into piles of importance then put everything in a drawer to start the next day. Guess what? It’s all still there untouched. I can blame this on cancer treatments or Netflix but the truth is I want to do it but it made me sad to go through all the memories…:(

I was thinking the other day after I wrote about ringing the bell parties in the chemo units, that perhaps a solution to this would be for a patient who completes their treatment that they could bring a take home bell to ring it wherever they want to outside of the earshot of others who will NEVER have a bell ringing party. Patients could go home and celebrate away from others. What do you think? I know that people spend a lot of time at the cancer clinic and get to know the staff, so they want to celebrate in their company. I get it but this is at the expense of other people’s suffering….

Anyway, for my last 3 of 6 chemo treatments I had to wear frozen navy blue ‘oven mitts’ on my feet and hands to prevent my finger and toe nails from falling off. This is because one of the drugs can cause this to happen. It was painful, like sticking your hand and feet into a snowbank for an hour. When the oven mitts would thaw, the nurse would replace them with new ones. Some nurses forgot (thank god)… and I didn’t mention it to them when this happened. A few weeks later I did completely lose one finger nail and had to wear band-aids on others. It wasn’t so bad they eventually grew back like my hair.

oh the joys and memories of #sexybreastcancer


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