if I ruled the world

if I ruled the world

People around cancer patients feel helpless as does the patient themselves believe me. They want to help and the good intentions are there. We walk, run, have bake sales, dance, bike, row, party, eat, drink, raffles etc…all in the name of a good causes. Research, awareness, bricks and mortar, support groups, advocacy, exercise programs, workshops….. We as humans want to help others, we’re simply programmed that way. I think these things are wonderful and VERY important. I would never crap on it BUT for me as a #sexybreatscancer patient and having worked in the hospital for a brief period (ironically in the Women’s Breast Health Centre and the kidney dialysis unit) one thing that always struck me was the people that are financial challenged during these difficult periods.

In Ottawa alone hundreds of thousands – millions of dollars are raised for various diseases. Great. But what about the single moms? What about not being able to keep a full time job? You ask how you can reduce the worry, the burdens of a cancer patient. How can you help them? Well if you ask me the answer is simple…..help them financially. Period. I’m not saying give everyone a free trip to Hawaii. I’m saying help them while they’ve been kicked down by cancer. Not forever but for the duration of treatment and post treatment while they’re getting back on their feet. That’s when they need it the most. I could give a shit about another breast cancer run for the cure. THERE IS NO CURE.

1.5 billion has been raised by Susan G. Komen For the Cure in the United States since its inception in 1982….where’s the cure?????? Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer ladies are screaming about this all over the world…as they should be. Think about it, do we need to raise more money for breast cancer awareness?! NO we don’t. I watched a Canadian documentary called Pink Ribbons Inc. twice while I was on chemo…such an eye opener. But the bigger picture didn’t matter to me at the time and I would image other patients don’t care about this either, they worry about how they’ll get through the day to day stuff.

Did you know that cancer cells are the trickiest little fuckers? As soon as the crème de la crème, chi-chi- poo-poo researchers around the world get close to ‘the cure’ or killing them – the cells reinvent themselves and trick those super smart people. I’m not saying it won’t happen. What I’m saying is in the interim lets help people in our community.

only if I ruled the world.

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