around the way girl

around the way girl

At work today I was talking to this awesome girl I just met. I was standing in her office and I noticed that she has cool certificates pinned to her wall. She told me her manager has come up with funny awards to give her team at Christmas time (or should I say ‘holiday’ time)….whatever…anyway, one caught my eye that is titled something like you’re ‘Kool in the Gang’ award. I was like ‘omg weird – I just had a conversation yesterday with my co-worker about Kool in the Gang’s famous song. We couldn’t remember what it was so we googled it…duh…it’s Celebration….do you remember that?!’…then she said ‘ya, when I got the award I didn’t understand the reference so someone had to explain it to me’….then I said ‘oh, how old are you?’…she replied ’24…lol’…..I officially felt old, like really super extra OLD…like I had this weird feeling in my gut old.

If she’s 24 years old that means she was born in 1992. ‘Celebration’ was released in 1982 ten years before she was born. No wonder she didn’t get the reference… I was born 19 years before her in 1973. Why does aging and talking to younger people feel so weird… circle of life, I guess.

Switching topics, I got a text from a childhood friend that read:

It’s really special what you have done for Sandra and her girls. You are a blessing.

I love my friend and really appreciated her kind words. I’m not telling you about this text for the accolades, I have a point to make….

I tweeted Bif Naked the link to the blog I wrote (nothing else matters) about Sandra Hayley, a women in Ottawa who is currently in palliative care due to #sexybreastcancer. Bif Naked generously retweeted the tweet. She has 140k followers. One of Sandra’s friends was able to be in touch with her and she posted this sweet message on her Facebook page as well where she has 74K followers:

bif naked facebook message

Elaine Lui aka Lainey Gossip co-host on The Social and celebrity blogger extraordinaire was kind enough to post a Smutty Shout-Out to Sandra on her blog. I don’t know the number people who read her blog but I would imagine it’s over a million worldwide.
*Sorry Lainey if the number is way more, I have no idea?!

Lainey Gossip message

$1000 was raised in a couple of days which is great and will be much appreciated by her and her daughters.

Coming back to what my friend wrote me, the question I ask myself now is I think it’s great to help spread the word but what else can we do for women fighting this disease in their darkest times? And by dark times I mean from the moment of diagnosis onward to the present time – survivors or fighters.

I feel like I haven’t done enough. I want to do more, more, more….any suggestions besides pretty pink ribbons?

Here’s a throwback to 1990…


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