we found love

We found love

you know those pictures in the smut magazines with the captions ‘they are just like us’…’oh look at Charlize she eats ice cream too’….’look at Ryan Gosling he pumps gas just like us’…’oh see Jamie Fox he does his own groceries’….’Cate Blanchet she walks through the airport just like us’…’Reese Witherspoon’s husband drives drunk late at night just like us!’, ‘oh wow it’s Britney Spears, she goes barefoot into gas station washrooms just like us’…..

Well here is Gwyneth Paltrow being just like one of us in an Instagram picture she posted hanging with the school mommies. The caption reads:

One of the great surprises in life no one tells you about, the dear friends you make when your children start school.

Gwyneth Paltrow with school mama's

Surprise, surprise for sure Gwyneth is just like us! She found love in a place she didn’t know existed as did I.

Recently, my daughter switched soccer teams. She’s been with most of these girls for over 5 years. Over those years I have gotten to know the parents really well, and hopefully have forged lifelong bonds. These moms I saw year round 3-4 times a week. When I got sick, lost my hair, lost hope, lost everything that matters to me, I received acceptance and support in so many forms I could never have had imagined and explain here. An incredible group of women who are the BEST! My heart is broken not to be in these ladies presence as often as I have been. Thank you for all that you did to support my family and I, words are not enough….I love you all xo

I do have to say that I feel this way about the moms and some dads from my children’s school from previous years. Those parents were the BEST as well…and not just when I was sick but being good friends in general. One mom who has her own serious health challenges in her family got me the most gorgeous flower arrangement I have seen just to cheer me up. This woman’s taste and style is impeccable (as you can tell in the photo). Others made meals and dropped them off at my door. Watched my children…. So many things. Funny thing is since my kids are at a new school I only know a handful of parents and it’s just not the same anymore 😦


Ditto for the hockey parents except it’s harder to make friendships because the group differs each year. But we all gelled well and our boys had the most amazing year! We also had a great team the year before with wonderful people. Last year was so hard for me to show up for games but I pushed through, having cool, positive people is everything.

So Gweny nailed it…parents supporting parents is a crucial and that’s why it’s such a joy you never knew you’d have. Here’s my son with his team. They played 70 games this season and came out League champions! Go Raiders!! And thank you to the coaches and parent helpers!!!



team 1_8



4 thoughts on “we found love

  1. How true … we do find love in places we often least expect (if we’re open). Love all your posts Simone. You’re a perceptive writer. (And damn funny!).

    My beloved hockey geek-of-a-husband was very impressed w your son’s trophies. (Not to b too shallow, but… I myself, was impressed w the funky striped dress in the pic from the NYC deli on a previous post. You always had style! ). Peace & love to you all! Xo


    1. Thank you Sue! What kind words and yes if you’re open for sure. We are very proud of Remo and he worked really hard for what he/they accomplished. Peace and love to you and the family. Whenever I see pictures of your boys I’m in shock and taken aback by how adorable and grown up they are 🙂


  2. My heart is broken too…
    I support your decisions. But I selfishly want your family back!!! Come back!

    Missing you. Xo


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