super trouper

super trouper

Is it just me who feels like Jian Ghomeshi is the Canadian version of injustices similar to OJ Simpson or Bill Cosby in the US? Not sure what happened with the trial but boy oh boy they screwed up somewhere. It’ll be interesting to see what he does next? Will he try to bring back his squeaky clean, I’m so cool haven’t you heard my smooth hypnotic voice reputation back from the grave? Or do you think he’s done career wise? Maybe he’ll be offered to do a porno like John Wayne Bobbitt who rose to instant fame in 1993 by having his man bit sliced off by his wife because of repeated abuse. Anyway I’m sure Jian will somehow wiggle his way back into the spotlight, and profit off this mess…he won’t be able to resist himself…we’ll have to see… I hate the justice system everything seem so backwards…blah.

Sorry for the Debbie Downer topic but it just popped into my head since the private ‘elite’ boarding high school I attended called Grenville Christian College (GCC) has been in the media lately. There is a class action lawsuit against the school as former students are suing because of sexual, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual trauma that they endured while attending. The lawsuit is for $225 million, and the school has been labelled a cult (which it was…even as a teenager I knew this!). I am automatically included in the suit as is anyone who attended between the years from 1973-1997. I’m not sure how many students that would be, I’m guessing around 2000 students.

The lawsuit started in 2008 a year after the school closed, and was certified in 2014. It’s kind of like the Erin Brockovich type story in Canada. W5 did an expose in February and there is a book that was written about it by a former student. I won’t get into what I witness and experienced as a student I’ll save that for another post. What I will say is that there are former alleged abusers who currently work and have integrated themselves back into our society in Canada and in the US. These people have never been charged of a crime, or held accountable for the illegal acts they committed or witnessed as staff members. Sound familiar, Jian? Justice is backwards…I’m not holding my breath. Only time will tell what will happen.

Here’s a picture I took of the school last year…when I was there it was so beautiful, now it looks abandoned and creepy…

GCC 2015

Ok switching topics….

June /July 2014 is when I did my 5 weeks of radiation, Monday-Friday, 25 sessions in total. I was told in advance to buy some glaxal base cream and slather it on before and after each treatment in the area where the beams would hit me to minimise damage to my skin..gross… I’ve already explained my experience in the waiting room my first day with the crazy lady screaming and moaning about completing her last treatment. Luckily it was fairly undramatic after this….basically radiation treatment is simple. The longest treatment is on the first day because they have to ensure they’ve got all the measurements correct. So I lay down on the table and they stick a wedge type pillow under my knees for comfort and stability. It’s vital that you don’t move even a millimetre once the machine starts.

The technicians from day to day where pleasant but not overly talkative. Which was fine by me because by this point in the process I didn’t want to engage in small talk anymore.

91, 156, 75, 88, 125, 15, 68, 33…that’s what they said to each other as they are placing you, moving you up and down like a dentist chair until you’re perfectly aligned. They even have a sheet underneath you so that they can pull you into position without you having to move yourself.

Those weren’t my numbers verbatim, but in the last week I had memorized them and knew when the techs would start the machine and exit the room. The laser beams started in my chest area, and  the machine would rotate around to do my back. I was only in the machine for 10 minutes each treatment in and out.

Before I started radiation, one of my best friends asked me to be bridesmaid in her wedding. I did the calculations and realized it would be about 3 weeks after I was done. Apparently that’s when the burns will be at their worst if you’re going to get them. great. fml.

In all honesty, I thought about saying no but that only lasted a few minutes. This girl has stood by me and has been a close friend for so long that there was no way I wouldn’t be a part of her special day. It was a ‘no brainer’ of course ‘I’ll stand beside you! As long as I was feeling well enough, and she was very understanding and open leading up to the date that I may have had to bow out at any moment. Luckily, that never happened

Onto shopping for the dresses…my other friend and I went on our own because the bride lived in Toronto so she told us the colour she wanted and said to get whatever you are comfortable with…awesome… Oh no we picked out a strapless dress…yikes…this could bad.

We bought the dresses and I decided if my skin was burnt and blistered from the treatments, I’d buy a shawl or something to cover it up…no biggie…

I did get minor burns and blisters but it was fine in the end..

The first picture was the day of her shower, the second was the dress I wore, and the third is the wedding day. I had chosen a dark wig to contrast with the light pink dress. It was a beautiful wedding and look at my friend, she’s so beautiful inside and out….


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