gold digger

gold digger

The weekend after my father-in-law’s wake and funeral was a blur. Life goes on, although not the same…:(…I have kids activities which keep going on, keeps us going on. We are grateful for this.

That brings me to the mother-daughter outing, and amazing adventure that happened last weekend.

She plays competitive soccer Nepean Hotspurs for the last few years, and her team was asked to escort the Ottawa Fury onto the field while they played the national anthems before the game.

She was excited, nervous and anxious like any 11 year would be. She ended up escorting #6 from the Minnesota team. Each player held hands with a player as they walked them out onto the field. What was cute was that as he grabbed her hand, she had placed hers incorrectly. He was sweet and said to her ‘just turn it around’, she did and she thought he was so nice. And he was… and let me just say, those soccer players are nice on the eyes as well. A couple of younger versions of David Beckham out there, so so awesome.

It makes me think about the experiences I had as a child, and how much our children get to experience compared to the generation before them. I mean, holy crow, I would have loved this! Walking into a stadium with athletes who are at the top of their game…although, admittedly the 11 year old in me would have preferred escorting Madonna over an athlete….but to my daughter, I would assume this is equivalent to that.

Thank you Ottawa Fury…

FYI…the game was awesome and kudos to TD Place for creating such a welcoming, enjoyable, family friendly environment. Most importantly supporting the local soccer kids who benefit tremendously from having opportunities to feel special for a day.

This is just what we needed…a mother-daughter outing.

I’m tired of cancer talk so I’ll continue with my outing story…

Ps.  I promise my radiation story from July 2014 will end on a funny note…maybe not as funny as the orgasmic sounds I heard on my first day of 25 treatments but close…can you guess what the technical team did? I also promise there was not any celebratory bell ringing…

Here’s the thing…so we park underground at TD Place which took us up an elevator to a grocery store called Whole Foods. If you haven’t heard of this store let me explain…I personally haven’t shopped there. I do know however, it’s a huge chain in the US.

This is the first location in Ottawa. It’s all about organic blah, blah, blah…chi chi poo poo food. I think a smoothie costs like $20…you get my drift!

As we spent time there before and after the Fury game I realized…and this may disappoint some…. Ladies and gentlemen, if you want to skip academia i.e. traditional education and find a rich man/woman to marry hang out at Whole Foods.

The money that walks through their doors is better than hanging out outside the medical school building at a University. Forget the bars downtown…head straight there to seal the deal for life.

Oh hahahaha Simone is talking crazy again…. Nope. I’m giving solid advice here!

Do I think money and stability are the answer to life’s problems…absolutely not, but if you have a quest to build a lucrative future, and fluffing your feathers without having to work or study 7 years post high school please heed my advice.

Would I want my daughter or son to think this way…hell NO….but it wouldn’t hurt, would it??!

Here is a picture of Eva walking in #6 Kallman….and who is the Fury player  in the 3rd pic with the full sleeve tattoos?! Thank you God for creating such perfection…Happy Sunday y’all…


gold digger has two versions I love, and of course one of them is a glee version so I’ll post both:

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