sweetest devotion

sweetest devotion

**technical note – The video WORKS! I figured it out…I feel so old when I tinker with new software… but one thing I’ve learnt there is always a way. No nerds on wheels needed here…yay me. seriously I rock!


The conversation that happened at my house with the kids the other night was priceless. Here’s how it went:

My daughter: Dad, Remo is so irresponsible!! He left his Pro Bass hat in the school yard at recess. He’s lucky I happened to walk by and saw it, otherwise he would have lost it he’s so dumb!”

My husband: Remo, you have to be more responsible with your things”

My son: Ya, well… Eva was playing spin the bottle today!!!!”

*In my head I’m thinking touché….and WTF…in grade 5 this is happening!?

Me: “Eva were you really playing that game!??”

My daughter: Yes mom, but it was only hugging and I didn’t hug a boy”

Me: Oh okay, what kind of bottle were you using to play”

*I was picturing an old school small glass coke bottle

My daughter: MOM….we didn’t use a bottle – it was an iogo (the yogurt squeeze drink)!”

Hahhahahahaha….seriously! Man my kids are growing up so fast… I truly miss the Max and Ruby stage. But as all parents do, you have to roll with the punches of parenthood.

Have you ever heard of vlogging? Here’s the definition:

A video blog or video log, usually shortened to vlog /ˈvlɒɡ/, is a form of blog for which the medium is video, and is a form of web television. Vlog entries often combine embedded video (or a video link) with supporting text, images, and other metadata.

Since I’m such a procrastinating crappy baby book maker, I thought I’d try vlogging. ha…blogging/vlogging… you say potato and I say potato, tomato/tomato…let’s call the whole thing off… If you know that song you’re OLD! Unless, you’re young and you watch Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers videos.

I think this vlogging thing is a wonderful idea on many levels. Firstly, the internet will never die, it’s timeless. Like the internet will live longer than all of us. Secondly, we all have hard drives full of photos and videos that’ll never be seen unlike the old school days of  4 inch binder photo albums with the yeas labelled on them and sitting on our parents shelves. Thirdly, and most importantly, if I get sick and die really quickly, faster than most, which is a real possibility considering my diagnosis…I’ll have something for my kids to watch and revisit whenever they want to. I’m subconsciously creating an online story, and sharing memories.

Some may say that I’m sharing too much. That I’ve shared so many personal details of my breast cancer story. I disagree. I share things that are funny, uplifting, that if I was fighting this disease and started reading this blog – I would find interesting and real. Trust me when I say…I have never mentioned the very, very, very worst part of chemotherapy treatments (poison!)….well can you guess what it is!? Minus the usual suspects – nausea, hair loss, despair, tiredness, insomnia, copious amounts of pill popping, weight gain (yes, in most cases now) etc….well here you have it folks (Wendy and Denise, I said ‘folks for you ;)…………CONSTIPATION! Halleluiah…the truth is out…..and so be it.

No one wants to talk about this. Especially the pink sisterhood. I’d like to wrap my ‘woe is me stories’ of the said chemo side effect in a pink ribbon….oh this gets me thinking…maybe the pink ribbon Nazi’s should partner with Apple to create a poo emoji with a pink ribbon wrapped around it. Capitalism at its best. That may get people talking…what do you think? Seriously wouldn’t that be cool?

I digress. I hate to mix my inaugural vlog (yay me!) with a story of excruciating memories of not being able to properly shit for six months but that’s just the way this entry is going…I do apologies for this. But as I mentioned it’s real and important for others to know about. Wait a minute…maybe if my toilet was purchased from a company that supports breast cancer and was pink in colour, I could have avoided all the pain and sweat. There you go pink ribbon gods…get on it…you’ll be helping so many woman.

I had a million dollar idea once, okay I’ve had a few, but this one is really smart. Going back to organizing and being able to show the millions of photos you have electronically stored. It’s paralyzing, it’s overwhelming, it’s a task that if you’re the main owner of, or person in charge in your household of picture organization…you may feel the pressure of putting everything together that makes sense and easily accessible and retrievable i.e. ‘johnny’s first birthday’, ‘cuba 2009’, ‘christmas 2003’…on and on, right?

Well…I thought about starting a company that would sit down with clients to organize their personal electronic catalogue. Have a few consultations, asking them what their preferences would be. Get a sense of the clients and work from there. It would be a tedious endeavour but I would give my left implant (haha!) for someone to take this on for me. I’ve always felt that I can’t keep on top of – my iphone, my husbands iphone, old camera’s, storage thingy’s….you’re worried about saving all the memories, sorting through the catalogue. Wouldn’t this be the best! Obvi I think it’s a super smart ideal for a company but very cumbersome. There are a lot a people (woman) who would throw money at this idea. To alleviate some pressure and actually get something accomplished that they lay awake thinking about.

So I’d like to introduce my official breasts in the city vlog that I posted on Youtube, as I mentioned, for my kids. I recognize that watching a video of other people’s kids can be boring…I won’t apologize for posting it but I will say I get it 🙂

As I’m finishing this post I put my 9 year old son to bed. We say I love you, as usual, but I always say “how much do you love me?’, his response is always “I love you more than all the words you say”……yup…that’s A LOT honey.

If you haven’t listened to Adele’s new CD (minus ‘Hello’) it is outstanding! The song that accompanies my video is # 11 on her cd….the last one called ‘sweetest devotion’. I’m pretty sure she wrote it for her son Angelo, that is my interpretation anyways. It could be for anything, a lover, an aunt, a pet, a job (?!), but I can’t stop listening to it and thinking of Eva and Remo…please comment or send me a message of what you think… I love feedback – bad or good…




3 thoughts on “sweetest devotion

  1. Constipation or “out-of-control-farting”!!!! I tell everyone it’s a medical problemitis!!! Lol I say this as your father is actually sitting at my log counter eloquently ignoring my noises, and getting the you-didnt-just-do-that smirk from my husband 😠
    Spin “ioga!!!” Let the games begin momma 😦
    love your blogs Simone
    Ps could not see your blog however 😕


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