picture me rollin

picture me rollin

So tonight I’m going back to the soccer field and possibly running into that soccer mom klepto who attempted to STEAL my daughters soccer ball. While she sat there and watched my daughter in distress looking for her lost ball for over 20 minutes….all the while it was in this woman’s trunk….   I don’t think she reads this blog so she’ll have no idea of my disgust in her… whatever I’m over it. I honestly feel sorry for her…

Everyone has heard about #ottawasinkhole. It’s put the city of Ottawa in a bad traffic situation. The good news is miraculously no one was injured. Only a dodge caravan with $37K worth of locksmith equipment was buried when they started pouring cement over it.

Anyway, my favourite meme that was posted on social media is of course the one of Drake sitting on top of the sinkhole. I tweeted him yesterday ‘Started from the Bottom’ literally. I wonder if he or his people read it they’d find it funny? Doesn’t matter my co-worker and I, who is also a huge Drake fan did…lots of laughing about #viewsfromthe3… here’s the picture if you haven’t seen it yet:

drake meme

I was listening to this classic 2pac song this morning on my way in. I think we all need to chill and picture ourselves rollin into work today…and all summer long with the stupid construction that has taken over the city…. whether it be via the OC, on bike, or driving…

‘I got keys comin from overseas….’….happy Friday y’all…


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