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Get out your tissue and your wallets…this local woman needs our help now! Please share this post as every little bit helps.

Christina Archambault I have not met you. I heard your story from a group of young breast cancer survivors who meet once every couple of months in Ottawa to hang out and support each other.

It breaks our hearts to know you’ve stopped treatments to live out whatever time you have left to be with your sons and rest. I wish you and your family well in  this difficult time…

You can donate to Christina’s go fund me page here.

Christina’s story:

Hello, I will give you my story:) My full real name is christina Archambault. Late september 2011 when i was just 25 years old and recently engaged to the love of my life i was diagnosed with stage 2B Her 2 positive Er positive Pr negative breast cancer, with no family history blood work confirmed i had the BRCA 1 gene. I have a mastectomy on my right side , a port put in, 6 chemo, 20 radiation,18 herceptin,, i was suppose to be on tamoxafin for 5 years, I planned our wedding through it all , marring the man of my dreams was number one on my list. 1 year after i was into my battle Marc was waiting for a lung transplant he had cystic fibrosis, our wedding date was set for oct 26 2012, he fell sick August 29th, on september 7th it was our stag night, the same night he found out from Toronto he was not, getting the lung transplant he was to sick they said his body would never handke the flight to toronto or even except the lungs, hew asked me to marry him in the hospital, of course i was so excited for him to see my dress, so i did …. sadly september 13 2012 i lost my soul mate. as time went on i continue raising these 2 beautiful boys who i had with a previous relationship, the father is not very involded. we manage … june,15,2015 i was re diagnised with breast cancer again, it came back with revenges, I have a 8.3 cm mass in me.. I am getting a port put back in thursday july ,2,2015 and starting a chemo i never had called Taxol, then back on herceptin as well as perjeta. i had my left breast removed when i found out i have that gene so its literally a swollen lymphnode from what i gather from the oncologists. they have hopes that this cocktail will shrink this tumor, possible make me NED meaning nothing found on CT scans and MRIs, unfortunatlt because it came back i am not curable im what they say treatable or managable, my kids are taking this not to bad, they miss me lots since im in and out of the hospital , it  breaks my heart to hear them say “why do you always leave us places”i refuse to tell them the ugly truth. all they know is my cancer is back and its time to fight fight fight  …. Iam hoping to raise funds to help with babysitters, Vit C IV , help will bills , Gas, parking ect… being a single mom of two boys i never thought i would have to struggle the way we are . I hope and pray all these meds work. thank you all for your support, and prayers…


As most have heard, Chrissy is no longer receiving treatment. She fought hard for almost a year and now it is time to rest. Unfortunately she does not have any insurance so once again we are reaching out for help. Any funds raised will be used toward her services and if anything is remaining, it will be placed in a tax free savings account for Christian and Dominik. Thank you all so much for your continued support.

Thank you all so much xo

There is also a cool fundraising event happening this Sunday at 6:30 p.m. if you’re interested in attending a drum circle session to support Christina:

Here’s the link:



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