love in the dark

love in the dark

well I guess I’m feeling extra extra cra cra emotional…thanks Adele…can’t wait to see you in MTL Oct 1st…. I have to tell you I’m exhausted, you want to hear the real shit about dealing with this this disease….. do you??! are you ready?!

Well in case you haven’t noticed Simone speaks her mind. so what do you want to hear from me? do you want me to shut UP?…good so I’m with you…I’m exhausted of my own thoughts especially my VOICE….

do you want to know how I type late at night? do you want to know how I spend my days trying to soak up everything…and I mean everything. … do you want to know how I desperately tried to reach out to a CBC reporter tonight named Steven Fisher to engage him to spread the word about local gal who is dying of BC with two small boys who will be without a mom or a dad?? orphaned.

Are you done with me? Are you done with my stories, with my advocacies? It’s all good  I get it… but my innards want me to continue…why? because the other voices for breast cancer are skewered…so I feel the need to stick up for those who are in desperate need.

I could write so much more but I will stop.

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