I hope you dance

Dear Christina,

I thought you might like this song if you get a chance to read this blog. I’m going to play this song for my kids tonight because its message is so powerful and true…’I hope you daaaance….’

I’m new to this group of young breast cancer ladies in Ottawa who meet once a month, which you belong to as well.

I’ve only been twice but I already feel so welcomed with this unique group of woman. We all speak the same #sexybreastcancer language.

The group met on Sunday evening to raise funds for you and your boys. It was a beautiful drumming session lead by a wonderful woman and organized by Heidi…thank you both!!!!

We hoped you felt the love in the room and the vibration of the drums, and that it gave you some peace.

I wanted you to know that you got a special Smutty Shout-Out from laineygossip.com today. My hope is that helps raise more funds for you and your boys. I also got a retweet from Bif Naked last week. I’ve reached out to both these woman before, and they always help….THANK YOU BIF & LAINEY <3… I hoping this will prompt people to read your story and donate on your Go Fund Me page.

Sincerely with much love,

breasts in the city

LainLainey smutty shout out for Christiana Archembault



Ottawa breast cancer ladies drumming



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