A singer in Ottawa named Renée Landry does not need singing lessons. She was born with a ridiculous amount of talent. At 27 years old, she has the voice and an old soul of any great legend. The type of talent that people would cut off a limb for…I cut off my boobs and I still don’t have any talent near her level…hahahaha…it’s all good.

Come on…us #sexybreastcancer chicks have to keep it real and by real I mean real sarcastic..

I went, I saw, I listened, I fell in LOVE….and so will you.

She did Amy Winehouse covers. To me Amy Winehouse is hands down the greatest, most deep and authentic voices of all time.

She was lost, she was too talented for her own little body. She couldn’t handle the fame. As she was quoted in the raw documentary about her she said in her cool British accent “If I got famous I would go mad, I don’t think I could handle it”….we all know the rest of the heartbreaking story.

Renée is so precise…so intoxicating…so old school…so beautifully sweet…so precious…so unassuming…so courteous to her audience…so wonderfully mature for her age.

She classy, not trying to be Amy, she keeps it light which makes for a joyful experience. Not over doing it…she’s the Amy that could have been.

So if you’re an Amy Winehouse fan, you’ve been blessed with Renée’s voice and entertaining style that’s very on point…without being obnoxious as some cover artist can be.

But when I thought this set couldn’t get any better, she brought on a female rapper named Young Yogurt! Yes, she rapped with Renée to one of my favourite Amy tracks called ‘You know I’m no good’.

Lucky us she’ll be performing again with her incredible band in Ottawa, ON on October 8, 2016 at Live on Elgin. You can get your tickets here.

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