don’t mind

don’t mind

It’s Friday so don’t mind me I’ve taken the day off to accompany my daughter to a water park and hang out with the soccer moms. We’ll be sitting in a cabana swapping funny stories all day long. I can’t wait because I don’t get to see them often anymore because Eva plays on a new team. boooo… I love the new moms too though. I’ve been lucky in the moms department….of course my hockey moms too!

These women became like family to me especially during the darkest days of my life. They saw the raw, real me. The bald me. The sad me. The crap really. They didn’t flinch, they supported me in ways that I didn’t know I needed at the time….and still do.

Bif Naked says “Cancer is a revealer”. This is so true because not only does cancer reveal untapped into emotions from inside, it reveals the unwavering strength from your support circle.

Today cancer is revealing to me to relaxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…..and listen to some good tunes and enjoy TODAY.

Happy Friday #sexybreastcancer ladies….let’s enjoy the last days of summer….


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