to live and die in L.A.

to live and die in L.A. ~

If someone had told me in August of last year after I had my last surgery, getting my ovaries and tubes ripped out, that in a year from now I would be standing on a red carpet in LA doing press for Stand Up 2 Cancer I would I have laughed in their face!

Why? Well because after the surgery and the 5 months that followed were the hardest part of my cancer diagnosis. I was in a deep deep depression. PTSD maybe, instant menopause maybe, the worry of having to go back to work, maybe, being exhausted of the past nine years of living in a constant world of cancer – not only mine but my husband, maybe, raising two small children, maybe, hormone therapy pills (I have to take for 10 years!) maybe… whatever it was it was BAD.

Bad because I couldn’t see a future that included myself. This is the first time I talk about depression on this blog because it’s so private to me ~ but why? Why should I not talk about it? It’s a large part of being a cancer patient. You would think that depression would have hit me right away, while I was doing chemo and radiation – NOPE, it hit me a year later.

I wouldn’t wish depression on my worst enemy…ummm wait yes I would… Shrek could use a little depression to get off her high horse….hahahaha

The good news is I’m okay now. I still have to work at it every day but I’m not lying in bed all day only getting up to charge my phone or make lunches for the kids.

Ok now to HOLLYWOOD!!!…as I started writing this this post I was flying over Chicago heading to Toronto then hoping on another flight to Ottawa. The funny thing that happened on this flight is that I was sitting beside the emergency door and the stewardess said “I need to give you a lesson because you’ll have to open the door in case there is an emergency”.

Me: “that’s not a good idea… I’m a tiny bit hungover!!”

Stewardess: “we’ll have to change your seat then”

Me: “Alright I’ll do it…” *insert me internally rolling my eyes at her.

Let’s just say, if the plane went down I was planning on strong arming the 25 year old university guy next to me to open that dumb door because everyone will die if it’s left up to me.

So not only did I meet some A-listers yesterday, I met Gilby Clark from Guns and Roses on the plane who was super nice and chill and alarmingly gorgeous.

Another wicked actress Mireille Enos from the shows called The Killing and The Catch who was heading to TIFF to promote an indie film was on this flight as well. I love her! If you haven’t seen The Killing you should its AH-mazing!

I sat down in the seat next to her and we chatted for a good 10-15 minutes. I swear she is the most chill, laid back normal person with ZERO make-up on… and stunning. I offered to help her with her lines she was memorizing. Lol!

Ok I really don’t know where to begin…..

I’ll start by thanking Slate PR for accepting my application as a blogger, taking a leap of faith and putting your trust in a random commoner from Ottawa, Canada, and being extremely helpful and informative throughout the process. Wow those PR people are on the ball…and very good at what they do. A million thanks Slate PR, especially Elyse Weissman J

The scientists and funding partners for this cause are all incredible and dedicated individuals who are making a difference NOW and giving hope to us in the cancer community. What a joy to be able to talk to some of them.

I almost cried once when I saw Emily Whitehead coming towards me with her parents. I talk about her all the time. She was featured in the Vice documentary called Killing Cancer. She was the first pediatric patient to be included in a clinical trial where she was injected with the HIV virus that cured her cancer within a 30 day period after she woke up from a 14 day coma. She has been in 100% remission for the last 4 YEARS! I couldn’t believe it and I think her parents were a little shocked that I rhymed off her bio for the camera. It truly was an honour to meet her and her parents.

Otherwise I think I stayed calm, no butterflies, and did a decent job since this was a first for me.

I was the 3rd last on the carpet so I was worried that the celebs wouldn’t stop for me because their handlers usher them away quickly. But luckily it worked to my advantage because I had a lot of room to beg their publicists to get me a shout-out for Breasts in the City and Ottawa.Once they came to be interviewed they stayed and talked for a while…especially Katie Couric, Sonequa Martin-Green, Shannon Dorhety, Britanny Daniel, Cynthia Daniel, Lori Loughlin, Karla Souza….omg wait until you see my interview with her…she is the BEST. They are all the Best! Nice, nice, nice… it was insane.

Katie wanted to swap shoes with me because I had Adidas on but she didn’t because she had to host the show…it was lol funny… she put her arm around ME! I think we’re lifelong friends already… hahaha… she’s a doll literally, very very stunning in person.

I asked Jillian Micheals if she wanted to go for a glass of red wine and a burger with me! She was hilarious… I can’t remember everything because I was exhausted at this point because she was the last one. She has a great personality and a wicked body. Oh ya and she prefers tequila and margaritas!

Greg Grunberg you spent the most time with everyone on the carpet. I admire that and I admire your sweet disposition… wow just wow. He had no handlers or none that I could spot.

I almost got Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson but they were ushered in because the live show was starting.

Anyway.. I felt truly humbled and honoured to be part of this awesome event. Stand Up 2 Cancer is making a difference in accelerating cancer research and we should all be grateful that this is happening in our lifetime

Here are some pics…

Before the ‘talent’ arrived – Walt Disney Concert Hall ~ BP Hall

I will be posting the footage when it’s ready….it’s in LA being edited by I can’t wait for you to see it. I promise it’ll be funny because I made most of them laugh but also educational to meet the scientist and patients who are integral part of this cause. I may have made an ass out of myself…but I don’t care it was hilarious….

Lastly but NOT least…I’d like to give a special thanks to my CREW ~ Jonathan Abbasi, Marti Alonzo ( and Kathy Waters who helped in making this project run smoothly and supporting me throughout the process.

Kathy W. I love you and I’m so thankful for all your help! You and Matteo are amazing friends that I’m so happy to have in my life xo….

3 thoughts on “to live and die in L.A.

  1. You are AH-mazing!… Can’t wait to see the video, and I’m sure you were fabulous! Thanks for sharing your life with us! Love you! D xo


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