someone like you

someone like you ~

If reincarnation exists I want to put in¬†a request in to the universe… dear universe when I die I’d like to come back as Adele! ThanksūüôŹ
I saw Adele live in Montreal last Saturday…. What can I say to describe the live experience!?…
First, the ticket indicated an 8pm start and she came on at 8:12pm. She should be given an entertainment of the year medal for this alone, never mind being the most talented singer on the planet because this rarely happens.
As the price of concert tickets rise so does their ignorant tardiness…no respect for the fans…hello Madonna (worst offender!), Katy Perry, Lady Gaga. Katy Perry was the worst because her audience is mainly 10 yrs old and under.
Back to Adele. At a MTV Video award show in 2011 a few years back before she began singing her song she had a standing ovation. That moment gave me chills. I had the same feeling for 2 straight hours during the concert.
She didn’t have a costume change, she’s funny as fuck, she doesn’t preach…although I would go to the church of Adele if that existed…she’s super sweet and down to earth.
Make You Feel My Love written by Bob Dylan is my favorite song and I almost cried but I didn’t.¬†However, I¬†did console a women from Ottawa who started crying in line waiting to purchase¬†a glass of wine. I was like “what’s wrong?”. She explained she recently had a break up, and her sister said she had had a stroke this summer. They had an emotional year and where crying full on tears at a concession stand!
See what the power of Adele is!! I could thesaurus all night and not find a word that describes the emotions she invokes in people.
At the end confetti flew everywhere…they are like fortune cookie messages hand written by Adele and yes I picked some up like kids who dive in for the candy of a broken pinatas….

The best part of the trip was going with my bff Wendy…love you girl xoxo I wish everyone could know Wendy…she is the bomb…and I’m starting to identify with¬†Wendy as my sister from another mister¬†(inside joke)….:)


Here’s the video from that MTV performance…I dedicate this you my friend…thanks for always having my back xo….

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