should i stay or should I go

should i stay or should I go

“Clear minds ~ Full hearts ~ Can’t lose”, if you don’t know this quote it’s because you haven’t watched the TV series Friday Night Lights. My friend told me today she only has two episodes left to watch. My heart goes out to her because I remember the feeling knowing it was the end. Seven seasons of greatness. One of the best shows I’ve ever seen, I fell in love with these characters. Sorry Wendy, my heart bleeds for you… but you will recover, I promise 😦

What am I binge (love that word!) watching on Netflix right now???… STRANGER THINGS….and it’s oh so good. There is only 8 episodes and I’m half way through, and I know Netflix has renewed it for a second season Yay! These shows are my happy place, a place I know will only get better. Netflix has so many great shows I can’t keep up now with working full time. Which reminds me I saw the funniest video a colleague sent me the other day, it’s priceless…you have to watch it, it’s only 6 minutes…

“Lean in, well I don’t wanna lean in, I wanna lie down!” THE BEST!

Yup, I’m dumb and I don’t wanna do anything but binge watch Netflix. Period. Especially shows which are set in the 80s starring Winona Ryder and that have an awesome soundtrack.

I especially think that cancer survivors should not have to work ever again if they choose not to. Cancer treatments suck the life out of you. I don’t know how I accomplish things every day. It’s a mystery to me.

The daily grind is real, the daily grind is fulfilling, the daily grind is good to keep us going and contribute to society, but the daily grind is overrated too…just ask the women walking around all day in lululemon’s sipping Venti lattes 😉

Happy Friday!

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