boobs ~

Dear blog followers, friends, neighbours, family, strangers…everyone…I’m asking you to take 3 minutes out of your day to help the Ottawa Hospital Foundation which will donate directly to Ottawa’s new Breast Health Centre.

The Ottawa Hospital Breast Health Centre was everything to me when I was diagnosed with #sexybreastcancer and still is…come to think of it, when I was breast feeding my daughter 11 years ago I had cancer scare. I had found a lump in my right breast that I had biopsied because there was concern that it may be a malignant lump…turned out to be thick breast milk….gross!

Anyway, if you ever find yourself or someone you know going for a test or anything that may follow, you will be grateful for this GEM of a place. I know I was there…I’ve also been there with friends who had appointments or other breast cancer patients…it truly is a wonderful and comforting place to be in the face of darkness.

Here is what I’ve been asked to do ~ so please share the information and link below! It will make a huge difference for our community as the incidence of breast cancer is on the rise ~ BIG TIME!:

Avon is asking Canadians to upload their selfies to and for every photo uploaded, Avon will donate $1 to a Breast Cancer Charity of the contestant’s choice from a drop-down menu of 16 registered Canadian charities, which includes The Ottawa Hospital Foundation (funds will be directed to the Breast Health Center). It only takes a few minutes and will raise a dollar for each entry submitted (you can only enter once). We are asking you to enter the contest and share and promote it with your friends, family and contacts. The more selfies submitted the more funds raised for TOHF!

Here’s what you need to do…super easy:

1 – Go to

2 – Select a photo of yourself to upload and click next

3 – Enter your contact information and click next

4 – Select the Ottawa Hospital Foundation from the drop down menu and click submit!

Thanks so much, very appreciated,


PS…one from the archives…”You’ve gotta have boobs”…imagine dancing in a carpeted, wood paneled living room back in the day to this song…the songs I find on youtube OMG 😉

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