let your backbone slide

let your backbone slide ~

“So many suckers on my sacroiliac…It’s like a rap-sack, backpack, wic-wic-whack, give me some slack jack”…..

4 weeks ago yesterday I coughed standing up getting ready to get into the shower.


That’s it. And now I have to go to physiotherapy 3 times a week to fix my dysfunctional sacroiliac…really…WTF?

Can you believe that you can sneeze or cough and put your back out?!!

I’m tired and I have words to describe how annoyed I am. How can this be?

My family doc said it’s definitely not cancer…really? I don’t know but I think after all my treatments my bones are very brittle. The chemo and the hormone therapy pills I take now can suck all the calcium out of my bones.

It could be possible that I’ve broken some bones or slipped a disc so I’ll have to go for an xray to rule it out.

Once a cancer patient ~ always a cancer patient.

As I’m sitting here writing this blog I want to desperately replenish my coffee but I can’t get up….hahaha….fuck!

I’ve never experienced chronic pain before…even when I was doing all my treatments and surgeries.

The worst part is that I was told that my back is weak from sitting in my chair at work all day so that’s probably what caused me to screw it up so easily.

Great…so now I have to sit for the next 17 years working with a broken back…it doesn’t make sense…I mean; it’s not natural to sit at a desk 8 hours a day, five days a week.

Picture this: Black Friday at Chapters, I was at the cash paying for my purchase. About 20 people in line behind me. Just so you know, I have a really hard time picking things up with this pain…and what do I do??? Drop my wallet and all my change fell out…

No one helped me…I stared at the floor for about 10 seconds before I bent over to pick everything up….the other problem was that I can’t pick up change easily with my long nails…

It hurt a lot and I felt like a giant loser…come on give me some slack JACK!!

Happy Friday everyone!!

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