king of pain

king of pain

November 10, 2016 is the day I was standing near my bathroom sink getting ready to get in the shower. I coughed. And that cough has altered my life in ways I didn’t know existed.

With all the cancer treatments I’ve been through and still going through…which is hormone therapy…YUK…which can wreak havoc on my body…, well nothing has compared to the last 8 weeks of chronic pain.

Pain that shoots down my leg that starts in my left butt cheek.

But what’s worse then the pain is how tired it makes me, and how tired I am of being tired.

tired…tired…tired…lazy…lazy…lazy…on and on.

I’m watching Mariah’s World right now and she gets off the stage and is literally carried then wheeled to her dressing room by her entourage.

Can you imagine? Being wheeled around all day by hot-back up dancers then handed a glass of champagne….lol…it’s really all too much. I envy her though, NYE fuck-up and all…like ~ do you think she cares about that? I don’t. She’s Mariah Carey with endless bottles of bubbly… who cares if she lip syncs and walks off the stage, she lives in oblivion a place I’m not familiar with.

Anyway, ya so being in pain and tired is challenging and I read somewhere that it can lead to insomnia and depression.

Great. Pile on the layers of crap I have to go through. poor me! I want to be optimistic and enjoy life, enjoy being ‘cancer free’ but life seems to throw me a curve ball every once in a while that just brings me down to reality. Brings me down like the universe is letting me know not to get too joyous.

Well…I’m going to say it here… screw you ass pain… you won’t nor can’t bring me down!




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