the way you make me feel

the way you make me feel

Back from a one week family vacation in Punta Cana at the Hard Rock Hotel. What can I say? It was awww beautiful, relaxing and a long needed rest. And it was HOT and I met a very white (heavy make-up) Michael Jackson…yay!

We had a tough week before we left. We had to put down our beloved dog named Scooter. He would have turned 17 on June 1st. When we got home, we were greeted by an amazing and thoughtful card from the Vet clinic with Scooter’s paw prints on a little white card.


How amazing is that?! Sad…but a meaningful surprise.

I’m still struggling with that damn protruding disc that pushes on the nerves in my spine, which causes severe throbbing pain running down my leg into my foot. A constant ‘Charlie horse’!

I almost drove myself to the emergency room in the middle of the night the other day, except I remembered that this is not an emergency…like what are they going to do for me? Give me narcotics?…no thank you…wheel me to the operation room for an emergency spinal surgery…doubt it. Plus emergency rooms in the middle of the night creep me out…a whole host of interesting characters appear…trust me I’ve seen it all!

So I had a visit with my family doctor who sent in a requisition to see an neuro/orthopedic surgeon. Great. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes…

I wanted to share a blog post written by  a woman in Ottawa whom I’ve met through a group of breast cancer ladies. She actually organizes monthly get-togethers which includes a wide range of women at different stages of diagnosis.

This post is hopeful for newbies to the #sexybreastcancer community. A very, very inspirational and wonderfully written read:

Ok, so as I’m writing this I got a call for an appointment on March 30th with Dr. Richard Molton, a neurosurgeon. Good timing eh! If he can cure me I might marry him…not exaggerating…or I’ll drain my bank account and hand it over to him (he’ll be poor)…well I hope he’s a miracle worker, otherwise my next move is heading down to Argentina to see one of those voodoo healers who will place his hand on my forehead and speak in tongues.

This is my favourite Michael Jackson song….and this video is so great with BS singing with him live…a must see…and BS is really super hot…and how much do you want to bet that they’re both lip syncing??

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