lean back

lean back –

Since my last post about my back pain a lot has happened. I’ve contemplated changing the name of this blog to one of the following titles as my latest health issues reflect them:
  • Protruding disc in the City
  • Slipped disc in the City
  • Bulging disc in the City

What do you think?!

So what happened you may ask?….well I ended up having surgery. It’s called Microdiscectomy of the L5-S1….ewww I know. It’s so gross and the 20 metal staples I had in my lower back confirms how nasty it is – not the tramp stamp I had in mind…hahaha.

I had the surgery on April 12th. Two weeks before that I couldn’t walk anymore or sit up in a chair. The pain I experienced running down my leg all the way into my foot was unbearable.

Two weeks pre-surgery until now, 5 weeks post-surgery, the only thing I can do is lay down. I was instructed to only sit up 3 times a day for 15 minutes at a time for a full month after surgery. Standing is okay and walking short distances. No driving for at least one week, and then if driving only short distances because I a) couldn’t sit up for long, and b) it’s crucial not to make any sudden movements or twisting.

So that’s it. My life has been laying down…thank God for my husband and kids who have been really understanding. I’m following doctors order to a T because I don’t want to do anything to reinjure the disc.

I’ve posted below a blog I wrote in February that I never posted. I found it on my phone so I thought I share. It’s about the one and only day I took public transportation….enjoy…

Day one riding the looser cruiser aka the bus. Of course it didn’t come and I was already ready to walk back home and hop into my car to make my trek to work.

You see for the past year I had an indoor covered parking spot right across the street from my building that was reasonably cheap by downtown standards.

A couple of weeks ago the owner informed me the building’s condo board wasn’t allowing externals to park there anymore.

It was crushing news. My car is my haven.

So now I’m sitting here writing about my new way of commuting.

I’m trying to find the silver linings….hmmm….

 1. I’ll walk more
 2. Blog
 3. Sleep? (And risk snoring and God forbid drooling!!!!!)
 4. Passenger drama

That’s it for now I’ll let you…oh wait a second!!! The guy sitting next to me just picked his nose and flicked his booger on the floor in the aisle.

I have no words.

I’m out!!

Lean Back


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