nothing compares to you

nothing compares to you

A bird shit through my sunroof and landed between the two front seats directly on the middle console of my car … is this good luck??!! If you think I’m kidding, I‘m being serious.

The reason I ask is because a couple months ago while having dinner with hockey parents celebrating our 10 year old son’s success at making the competitive ‘A’ team … by the way, the tryouts stories could be another blog post because there is tons of drama … in my new phase of life I avoid drama like the plague … BUT … it’s great for entertainment purposes because I really don’t give a shit … I’m so over drama … especially in the competitive major atom hockey world kind and any part of my life for that matter … anyway, I got into my car after I left the restaurant and put my elbow directly into warm freshly delivered bird shit. I’m hoping this was a sign of good luck. I need some right now.

At first I was like grrrrrooooosss!! …but then I was thinking maybe this is a sign of good luck. Is this a sign that the universe is trying to send a message to me like ‘Simone you got this girl go out and buy yourself a lottery ticket asap!’. OR, is it more along the lines of birds are everywhere and you shouldn’t leave your sunroof open you dumbass…

I’m not a superstitious person for the most part. I think that if the ‘superstition’ is in my favour like a bird crapping in my car, I’m like “I might win the lottery!”. But if a black cat crosses my path or I step on a crack in the sidewalk .. I’m like “superstitions are bullshit!” … see? I pick and choose my luck based on numerous widely known, often over analyzed occurrences that can paint our paths however we choose to view them. And yes, if you’re thinking this is nuts, I’m here to tell you I am and I’ve been to two very informative psychic readings that I have yet to know if they were telling me the truth to let me know I’m not, and that I’m actually due for some good karma …  if they are going to be right  I’m going to run with that!

I’m babbling but please bear with me because I have something really important to say.

Over the last 6 months my life has taken another new path. Once again life as I knew it has drastically changed to say the least … I categorize each major thing that has happened as a ‘life event’. Some people might say including myself that these occurrences are more like FML … if you don’t know that acronym it’s FUCK MY LIFE!!

If I’m going to continue to write this blog, and for you to understand my perspective on things related to the stories I write about, and what I’ve been through and still going through I’m going to get super personal here … my husband and I have separated.

That being said, I will not share the details of the separation in this blog as it’s a private matter between us and although I love sharing raw, real, intimate details of my life … I do have boundaries.

At this point, I could probably write a book about how both of us having been diagnosed with cancer contributed to this present reality seems a bit cliché. How wrong would I be? I’m here to tell you that I would be understating the devastation that a cancer diagnosis brings to families.

YES we are both alive. YES we should  – according to the world be ‘grateful for everyday’. We should be ‘grateful for being alive’. We should be ‘grateful for every moment’. We should be ‘grateful for being here to see our children grow’. We should be ‘grateful for life beyond a being diagnosed with the C word’. We should be grateful for breathing, eating, everyday life, wine drinking, laughing, smiling, crying, soaking up the sun, twirling around … okay this bullshit is exhausting.

But I have to say I agree. Anyone who has lost someone to cancer would agree. The only problem is that, and some my not understand this but there is a life beyond surviving cancer that isn’t pretty. It isn’t what the world sells to us, life after cancer diagnosis and treatment is hard in so many ways and unless you’ve lived through it like anything else you have no idea the struggle people go through.

Yes, some are able to bounce back and never look back and I would attribute this positive outcome as amazing, but most of us have many many lingering long term side effects… ok I’m going to bed…

I’ll be back xoxoxo … and I want to thank all my homegirls and boys who carry me through … and oh ya who don’t judge my messed up thoughts and typos … grammar is exhausting folks 🙂






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