be careful

be careful ~

I listen to the new Cardi B song ‘be careful’  on repeat because the beats basically kill her counterparts… wait, who are her counterparts? … Taylor?… hahaha nope.. everyone sucks right now. Be Careful has a few old school references which made me think and then I realized of course duh … Lauryn Hill.. and the obvious TLC.  And weirdly it reminds me of LL Cool J’s ‘I need love’ which is my favourite.

In honour of a close friend of mine who has been diagnosed with #sexybreastcancer recently I decided to write a post. She read my blog. She supported me through shitty times. She’s young. She and I are kind of like kindred spirits in the sense that we don’t give a F**k!! She is having surgery. She is young, gorgeous, and a solid person.

So, in the spirit of the popular book ‘The Art of Not Giving a Fuck”  what to do now??!!

There is nothing to do except for her to face her journey and for me to be here for her whenever she needs me.

I have mixed feelings because I don’t have the answers. None of us do. I don’t have answers to my own feelings being almost 5 years from diagnosis. I do however not give a FUCK. I really don’t. If you’re curious as to why? don’t be. It’s actually very simple… cancer cuts out all the fat, it cuts out all the noise. Things are clear. Nothing is blurry. From my perspective life is simple in a sense that time pushes us forward and if we do are best that is all that matters. And of course enjoy life’s simplicities.

You see, cancer, cancer diagnosis, and all that it entails is a mystery….. so I will defer to Cardi B’ Be Careful and Drake’s God’s Plan.


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