rainy days

‘I swear to god we’ve been through rainy days and cloudy days’…

Thought I’d jump onto my blog to write this morning. About what? I don’t know, what I do know is that probably like most of you out there it’s been a minute.

A minute – like how a gerbil must feel running on its wheel. A groundhog day of sorts. Wake up, try to feel normal and keep the mind occupied until it hits the pillow again. That could be in the middle of the morning, or afternoon, or evening.

Does it really matter? Nothing matters.

Sleep is a much needed escape, my oblivion. A place that COVID-19 doesn’t exist. Where I can go to block out reality.

A few weeks ago I was going to come on here and brag that, I, having been a cancer patient am more equipped than the average person in this pandemic because I’d been through dark times. That going through cancer treatments, surgery and recovery has given me superpower strength.

Well, it has not. Yes, my competencies are extensive when it comes to doing nothing. I’m great at knowing the best shows on Netflix, and now all the other streaming platforms out there – Appletv, hulu, amazon. But the current circumstances is new territory, uncharted waters of my mind.

I’m a fountain of knowledge when it comes to documentaries. And for heaven’s sake, I wish I could UN-see Tiger King.

Perspective is one thing I hope people are gaining.

Humility would be another one of my wishes that people would embrace.

That’s why I chose this song to share. For one, it’s written and performed by a group of high school kids in Ottawa. The talent level is unbelievable. Sadly, one of the rappers FTG Metro was killed this past January.

Adversity brings out the best Art.

This song could be a theme for everyone right now.

On the other hand we have Drake’s Toosie Slide. Today’s anthem with easy steps to learn. Giving us a peek into how the other side lives. I heard his bed alone costs 200K.

Which makes me think of the HBO documentary called Class Divide. Basically, if you love the history of New York City or want to see glimpse into blatant divide, this is it. So fascinating and well made.

Class is a roll of the dice…


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