find someone like you

As December begins and the world spins around us, what brings you joy, calm, and precious respite?

For me it always has been and always will be…


In my previous post I wrote about the medical appointment I had in Toronto, and as mentioned, it was originally scheduled in April this year, and was cancelled due to COVID-19.

You know what else was cancelled??


Have you heard of her yet?

She was scheduled to play a venue in Toronto that holds 2500 people.

I will NEVER have that opportunity again!


Because she’s about to EXPLODE. ADELE level.

She’s an Iranian R&B artist that recently signed with Roc Nation. Need I say more. Oh ya, and English is her 3rd language.

I’m posting three videos.

This is the new video she released 2 days ago, it has about 35,000 views as of this post. I’m going to predict in one year from now it’ll have 1 billion…

The second one called Whoa has just over 8.3 million…

The third is a mini documentary…


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