where’s the party… only in my dreams…

where’s the party… a song Madonna co-wrote for her third studio ALBUM that was released on June 30, 1986. OMG.. that was 34 years ago when I was 13 years old with all my hopes and dreams ahead of me.

only in my dreams… a song Debbie Gibson wrote in 1984 and released two years later on December 16, 1986 on her first studio album.

I thought, these two songs not only bring me back to the commencement of my teenage life, a time of innocence, a time of oblivion to the world’s evils, but also I noticed how well the two titles fit together, and are precisely my current sentiments.

Next post I’ll dive into Tiffany’s 1987 hit I Think We’re Alone Now… or jump into the 70s with Eddie Money’s Two Tickets to Paradise.

HOWEVER… there is hope to get us back to a more innocent time pre COVID-19…

I’m reposting the interview I did with Dr. John Cameron Bell, just hyperlinked his Wikipedia page in case you don’t trust his credentials, because even though it was 4 years ago, it is more relevant NOW than ever with what is happening on our planet.

The first video is called Vice Special Report: Killing Cancer. Shane Smith, a journalist and media mogul from Ottawa, Canada, came here to interview him personally at The Ottawa Hospital. That is huge pull… he doesn’t leave Brooklyn, NY for just anybody.

If you have time watch the Vice video first, than the interview I did… he is one of the handful of EARTH ANGELS…. hold on… WAR HEROS… working his ass off to save our lives as I write this… he is literally the opposite of the DEVIL south of the border, or more precisely, the pathetic kindergartener potentially starting a world war.


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