An unimaginable tragedy took place a few weeks ago that needs community support.

I’ll leave it to Elaine Lui from to sum up the weight of this story:

A few weeks ago, Ashley, a mother of two, whose home was destroyed in a fire. A home can be rebuilt. But other losses are forever. Ashley’s daughters, Kiersten (6) and Brooklyn (4) died that night. It’s been almost a month. Ashley is still in the hospital in Montreal and she expected to be there for at least two to three more months. When she recovers, she has to start over. This is an unimaginable tragedy and if you can help, please visit the GoFundMe page that has been set up to assist her when she is ready to, somehow, find a way forward.

If you can please consider donating to this cause. More importantly, please SHARE the GFM link!

I don’t know Ashley personally, she is the niece of a dear friend of mine. I can only imagine that she will be spending the rest of her life searching for paradise.


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