bitc-logo-circle is a not-for-profit foundation that I’ve been dreaming about and reinventing in my mind since March 2014 when I was doing chemotherapy treatments. It’s goal is to help women in the community of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada who are financially challenged while they are going through treatment. Believe me a lot of people do not have the same access as others. period.

Currently I am in the process of applying for charity status here in Canada to attaint a registered tax number.

I’ll be doing an interview with a genius in the cancer research world on September 1, 2016 ~ Dr. John Bell. I will share the video on my blog and website once it’s complete.

Thank you to all of you how have encouraged me to go for it ~ you know who you are and I am eternally grateful and full of nothing but love for you all.

Here is a video which features Dr. John Bell if your curious…and you should be… it will change the world as we know it for CANCER.