Today I submitted a letter of proposal to the United Nations General Assembly to instate an International Black Lives Matter day of observance. Your petition signature of support would be much appreciated. Please share if this is a cause you stand with! Thank you in advance. ************************************************************************************* Open Letter to United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres … More alright

dear god

I think many of us right now may be feeling how I’m feeling which is questioning everything about life. I’m talking about what is currently happening on earth – take your pick it’s a lot. Then I was flicking through the movie channels and came upon a documentary about this British band called XTC who … More dear god

rainy days

‘I swear to god we’ve been through rainy days and cloudy days’… Thought I’d jump onto my blog to write this morning. About what? I don’t know, what I do know is that probably like most of you out there it’s been a minute. A minute – like how a gerbil must feel running on its wheel. A … More rainy days

self care

Let’s celebrate differences Wins for others over their losses Give accolades over criticism Celebrate the highs and help each other hold on real tight in the lows Eviscerate paralyzing fear Adhere to smiling over indignation Let the music play and penetrate your soul Learn the torturous art of self love Speak easy Dance slow Try … More self care

take me with you

take me with you  If you’re curious on how I’ve gotten through the last six years with cancer along with six surgeries then divorce it would take a book to explain it in detail. I’ll say I believe in creating life moments and spreading love. In a nutshell, during the dark times, getting through the … More take me with you