lean back

lean back – Since my last post about my back pain a lot has happened. I’ve contemplated changing the name of this blog to one of the following titles as my latest health issues reflect them: Protruding disc in the City Slipped disc in the City Bulging disc in the City What do you think?! … More lean back

amazing grace

amazing grace Have you ever seen the movie called Silkwood? Silkwood is a 1983 film starring Meryl Streep, Cher and Kurt Russell. It was inspired by the life of Karen Silkwood. She worked at a nuclear plant or something like that. In the film the employees would have to walk through a detector to make … More amazing grace

king of pain

king of pain November 10, 2016 is the day I was standing near my bathroom sink getting ready to get in the shower. I coughed. And that cough has altered my life in ways I didn’t know existed. With all the cancer treatments I’ve been through and still going through…which is hormone therapy…YUK…which can wreak … More king of pain